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Guide to organizing a business event

If you want to know keys on how to organize a business event but you don't know where to start, this practical guide will help you.

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We have the definitive guide to organizing a successful business event without much protocol.

At Wink events we specialize in organizing business events and with our years of experience we have found some tips that we simply cannot miss every time we organize a business event. Here, we tell you all.

How to organize a business event step by step

Organizing an event of any kind is a whole process. To organize a business event step by step you must start with the design, carry out the planning and finally carry out the production.

Each of these three objectives in turn has a number of steps that may or may not be very relevant to the final result, so we will tell you about them as we progress in this article.

Step 1:

Choose the date you are going to hold your event

There are events that take too long to prepare, and others that can be done in record time. What we do need to know is that when organizing a business event you must choose a realistic date.

Remember that a business event is, in general, a meeting in which there are many people and there is a schedule with activities to carry out. The more people there are at an event, the more time we should have to organize everything.

When choosing the date you can get an idea of what the weather is like during the month, this will help you plan if you need tents or if you must adapt a place in case of rain or excessive sun.

Step 2:

Choose the place for your business event

Choose the place for your business event

The choice of venue can be a decisive factor in the success of your business event. Seek that it is easily accessible for your guests, that it is a recognized location and that it has positive comments.

Depending on the number of people there and the objectives of the event, make sure that it has enough space for all your guests. The place of the event must also reflect the essence of the event and its hosts regardless of what type it is. When organizing a business event, the first thing you should think about is whether you want a botanical, rustic, corporate (such as an auditorium) or something more country setting.

If you already have a place to start organizing your business event, what you should do is look for photos of the place on social networks. You can try to imagine if the venues fit the ideas you have for your event.

Remember to check the availability of the place on the date you want, because if a place is not available it is best to look for another option with which you feel like as soon as possible.

Here are some places

Look at the location of some places where you can organize a business event in Medellín with the help of Wink. Click and get to know them from Google maps.


Step 3:

Define a budget

In any type of corporate event and a company party, the organization of a training event or whatever your company needs, the budget is an important issue and it is what will define the event that your employees or guests will remember. . The important thing is to be clear about it so that you can start contacting suppliers and compare them for their quality.

We propose 2 alternatives to use your budget:

  1. Go spending as you hire services: For this there is no money limit, you simply pay according to what you want to hire.
  2. Establish an overall budget: Organizing a business event based on a budget is the most common. Define the amount of money you want to spend and ask for budgets from the event organizers in the city so as not to spend more than the budget they allocated.

Wink specializes in tailor-made events, you can contact us, tell us your budget and we will surely give you a solution tailored to your needs.

Step 4:

What will the event be like?

When organizing a business event you must imagine what will happen during the day. Think about whether there will be a show, food and how many moments (snacks, entrance, fort), if there will be food stations such as a dog cart, little recreations, valet parking, music and dancing. So you can make a schedule or minute by minute of how the organization of the event will be done.

Step 5:

Choose the services

Services are the most difficult part to coordinate when you are organizing a business event. You must think about the details and also make the budget work out so that you have all the services you want at the event.

Choose the Decoration

You should keep in mind that:

  • The personality of the person who will organize the event or of the guests will be reflected in each element of your event.

Look for decorations that provide a special and dynamic atmosphere, remember that everything will depend on the type of wedding you have as this indicates the definition of the color palette, concepts and above all, a team that is capable of transforming your ideas into a project come true.

Organizing a business event without Catering is impossible

Organizing a business event without Catering is impossible

  1. Look for a value proposition that attracts your attention in that provider, for example, in our case we look for innovation, quality and agility.
  2. You must find that promise of value that gives you the peace of mind to hire.
  3. Think about the quality of the ingredients and the service that makes the taste unique, take into account the appropriate textures, flavors and temperatures.
  4. Look for a properly trained team of waiters who are up to par with first-class events, with a speed of service that makes each person feel well cared for.

Photography and video.

The most important thing is the follow-up process, an initial meeting to look at the style and colors, digital and physical deliverables, and delivery times.

You must keep in mind that it is a photograph in which you imagine yourself, that it captures all the important, natural moments, that it captures all the emotions of the business event.

Do you want to hire music to late or set your event?

It is time to choose the most expected of the party. The music.

A business event of any kind should be set by music. It doesn’t have to be a party all the time, having background music can liven up the day and help create a calm atmosphere.

and the rumba?

If your business event is planned to end in a party for your employees or guests, you must define when musicians should be present. In fact, they can review the setups that the provider has according to the number of guests and the place they have. It is the easiest way.

Still not sure about organizing a corporate event without help?

Step 5:

Hire an Event Planner

Event Planners or event organizers are people specialized in organizing business events. They are the most prepared people on these issues to accompany you from day zero of planning.

Event planners can also just show up on the day of the event to take care of everything, escort you to meetings, help you make decisions with vendors, and lighten your load. If you do not have time, do not know which providers to choose or where to start, an event planner is a great help when organizing the big day.

Let’s do it!

Holding an event is like starting an important project, with a different purpose and details but which turns into an important and unforgettable day.

This guide is what we consider to be the most important when organizing a business event, as you can see, it is something that takes a lot of work and in which you have to be very attentive to the details since these are what make the difference .

At Wink we specialize in organizing business events in Medellín and Bogotá

Contract with Wink and organize your event, in us you will find a zero stress provider, we have products and services so that your event turns out perfect.

We do all kinds of events

We wish you every success and enjoy the process!

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