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6 Tips to decorate the dessert table for a wedding.

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We know that the wedding dessert table is one of the most desired not only for its delicious sweet desserts, but also because it is one of the most striking tables in terms of decoration.

We have for you some ideas that can help you when choosing your desserts and decoration for the table.

It all depends on what you want to offer

Each person is a completely different world, we all have different tastes, personalities and different interests.

To decorate a healthy dessert table, you can offer pieces of fruit decorated with a low-fat and low-sugar chocolate base.

Decorate with a striking and beautiful centerpiece for weddings, in this dessert table for the wedding, you can use a large and striking centerpiece,

Don’t worry, no one is going to sit at that table, you don’t need to have small centerpieces.

There are tables where cheese boards and cold meats are offered to snack on, others opt for sweeter options such as mini brownies and desserts decorated to match the theme of the place.

What matters is the distribution and decoration that you are going to use to complement the dessert table for the wedding.

Choose the types of dessert you want to offer.

We will tell you about the most common ones, if we mention all of them, this article would be too long, and we do not want you to get bored, all types of wedding desserts are classified as sweet, salty or sour.

For the table options for sweet wedding desserts we have brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate fountain, alfajores, chip cookies, flans and cheesecakes, and those that we forget on this list.

The options for savory desserts that have a very good flavor, small baskets of patacón with chicharrón, chicken rolls, bacon and cream cheese, chicken skewers, with shrimp and cherry tomatoes, must be small.

All the options are delicious, the acidic desserts contain citrus fruits such as lemon or orange, the acidic lemon flans with a touch of sweetness are a super rich combination.

Go all out with passion fruit desserts, you will look great with your guests, the decoration of this dessert is very striking.

The material of the wedding dessert table is important.

Let’s be honest, a plastic table with nothing on it is not very aesthetic, no matter how beautiful the decoration is, if it doesn’t have a nice tablecloth, it will look tacky compared to the other decoration.

Choose wooden tables, regardless of the finish they have, they will always give a touch of elegance and aesthetics to any place.

A rustic wooden table apart from being resistant, it is elegant, aesthetic and combines perfectly with any decoration, you do not have to get tablecloths, these tables do not need it at all.

Take advantage of the textures of the wood and complement with simple floral arrangements, and on the dessert table for the wedding, place some striking bases for the desserts.

style makes a difference

The decoration for weddings has a lot to do with the style and personality of the couple, the wedding planner advises you on the decoration and what is in trend, but it all depends on the tastes of the future spouses.

Learn more about how to organize a wedding.

We recommend a country or rustic style, it is a versatile trend with which you can use almost any decoration for weddings, the natural is very elegant, your wedding will be the most top! take advantage of these resources.

Decorate the dessert table for the wedding

table location

The distribution of the tables in a wedding is important, it would not look good to place the table of the bride and groom next to the dessert table for the wedding, nobody wants to have the guests on top during the entire reception.

We recommend that the dessert table for the wedding be located in a spacious place without any table next to it, in a place where it looks great from various angles, so that guests can easily access it.

On the dessert table you can place the wedding cake, when the guests have finished everything, yes!, at the right time, according to your wedding protocol.

Don’t go overboard with the number of desserts.

The phrase “less is more” could not be more accurate, when we decorate with too many things looking exaggerated it makes the guests feel overwhelmed.

By wanting to do more we damage the decoration, the sober and the minimalist is very elegant, we do not want to say that other concepts are not, we are only speaking in general terms.

The minimalist textures and spaces allow you to play much more with the decoration of the place and achieve a much more personalized concept.

eye-catching centerpiece

Although the simple main wedding table does not attract much attention on its own, what you can do is create a unique and special centerpiece for the newlyweds’ table, it will stand out above the others.

Opt for tall centerpieces with striking flowers or long but showy ones, the bride and groom will be the center of attention, the centerpiece will only be a striking point to reference the bride and groom.

Choose someone to help you with all your wedding planning.

Not everyone is an expert in logistics, or in decoration, or in supplier management, let’s be honest no matter how orderly or orderly you are, a wedding is too big for one person.

A wedding planner or a house of events is an excellent option to support you in planning your wedding, we do not want you to arrive at your wedding tired or tired.

Something as simple and as necessary at the same time as a dessert table for the wedding must be chosen carefully, surprising the guests requires attention to detail!

Enjoy the process of planning your wedding, it is an event to celebrate your love that will remain in your memory forever, at wink events we make everything much easier for you, leave your wedding in our hands, and enjoy it!

Choose someone to help you with all your wedding planning.

That the dessert table for the wedding is not the only one that attracts attention at your wedding, at wink events we create dream weddings, let us accompany you in this beautiful process and surprise all the guests.

Do not worry about the place, or the food, much less about the decoration, at wink events we have everything under control, visit our website.

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