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Where does the wedding ring go in Colombia?

Being asked where the wedding ring goes is not as strange as it seems. We tell you everything you need to know about this vow of love.

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If you have been wondering where the wedding ring goes in Colombia, you should know that this question is very common, especially when couples do not have much knowledge about wedding protocols or simply where to place the ring.

The first thing you should know is that everything that has to do with the organization of your wedding and its details depends on you and your partner. They can choose to wear the ring where they feel most comfortable, or they can just wear it the traditional way.

And… Where does the wedding ring go?

Before starting to talk about where the wedding ring goes in Colombia, we want you to know that there are engagement rings that are delivered with the request for a hand; and those of marriage, which are delivered at the time of the ceremony.

There are those who think that they are used in a different way because, who is going to wear two rings on the same finger, it would be uncomfortable. But, there are designs that allow you to adjust the wedding ring to the engagement ring so that both fit perfectly and are worn without causing pinching or discomfort. So don’t worry, it all depends on what you want as a couple and we’ll see that later.

Where does the engagement ring go?

Engagement rings are located on the ring finger of the left hand.

Engagement rings are not as old as wedding rings. The first woman to wear one was Maria of Burgundy, wife of the Emperor Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who gave her a diamond ring in 1477.

The design of the diamonds in the ring together form the letter “M”, which is the initial of the Duchess of Burgundy. This cut and the perfection of the diamond made this engagement ring go down in history as the first engagement ring.

first wedding ring


In the Catholic tradition, it was Pope Nicholas I who decreed and began to make sense of the meaning of the wedding ring. When a man gave an engagement ring to a woman, this denoted the great intention of wanting to marry or be engaged in marriage. So if other men saw the engagement ring on a woman’s hand, they recognized that she was already engaged to someone.

It was not until some time later that during the request for a hand, the couple began to place the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. In some cultures even an exchange of rings to promise each other.

Where does the wedding ring go in Colombia?

Here in Colombia and in many other countries, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Marriage ring, wedding ring, marriage alliance, ring tread. Call it what you want, the fact is that they have been known for many years and although in the beginning they were made of leather and could be worn on any finger, today their style and way of using them are as varied as each couple that wears them. .

In Ancient Egypt, rings were used as a synonym for business or commitment and they have always had the same meaning: if a woman was wearing one, she could not be pretended because she was most likely married. The wedding ring seals the commitment of a couple and that way the people around them could know that they were engaged.

There are many stories about wedding rings, but they all point to the union of two hearts that seal their love with a ring that represents them.

The Romans said that there was a vein called the vena amoris or vein of love and according to them, this vein traveled from the left ring finger to the heart. This is the most beautiful story and it is the one that usually gets all the smiles when we tell it.

So everything varies depending on the cultures and traditions, the truth is that there is no golden rule, the idea is that you as a couple feel comfortable with the decision and place it wherever you want, it is placed in the right hand or left.

cutest wedding ring in the world
Did you know that Lady Di’s ring is one of the most expensive and beautiful engagement rings in the world?


The wedding ring or engagement ring is one of the many things that you have to think about in advance of the wedding day, even if it is something so small, it is very important, not only because of its meaning, but because choosing the ring does not It’s simple and doing it with time will give you chances to correct manufacturing errors or if you don’t feel right in the end, change it.

Remember that jewelry stores take about a month and a half to make the jewelry, so it is important that you take the time to choose your ring.

Tips to choose the perfect ring for your wedding

Since you already know that any ring is not enough and each style depends on the couple that is going to use it, surely yours has to be as great and unique as you are. Here we will give you some tips to find and choose the perfect ring for your wedding.


The first step and perhaps the most important in any wedding is to define budgets, since the things that can be done will depend on this. Define together with your partner a budget that fits what you want and can afford.

The rings do not have to be very luxurious, the important thing is that both feel happy with the result and as between tastes, there are no dislikes, they can design it as they want and put the materials they want.


This step is very important because it will help you define materials.

Choosing a model that suits you and your partner is essential. For example, if they prefer things without so much detail, clean and simple designs will be the ones indicated. This varies depending on your tastes and needs.


The favorite color for the wedding ring is traditional gold, in its yellow hue. However, many rings are designed with white gold to give it a unique and special look. Although platinum rings are more durable, traditional gold rings are still preferred due to their cost and weight.

Many couples also choose the wedding ring according to skin color, in some skins the yellow color will stand out more and in others the white color of gold will look better depending on the design.


It is super important that you take the exact measurements and choose the right materials. Many couples choose gold, but you can also choose silver, platinum, titanium, or a material of your choice. Just ask if the material expands or shrinks with chemical or physical reactions (such as heat or cold temperatures) so you won’t have sizing issues if you gain or lose a little weight.

design and finish

There are many designs for the rings, if you want it round, square, wide, thin, elongated, with filigree, in white, pink, gold gold, in short, the one that you and your partner like best.

Be sure to look at pictures of wedding rings everywhere to give you an idea of the design and finish you want for yours. Markup ideas can also give you ideas.

Once the design of the rings has been chosen, they will be able to engrave the names or the wedding date. A small phrase or a small vow that reminds them of the unconditional love that began with the commitment to be together forever is also customary.


The couple’s rings do not have to be the same, they can be different.

It does not matter if the rings are different or are not totally the same. Make sure they keep a design line so they match together.

When personalizing your ring, decide what you want to decorate it with. Many couples in Colombia use emeralds or diamonds, others prefer only gold arrangements or details. It all depends on the wishes and how they want the jewel to look. No rules.


We hope this article has been useful for you when choosing engagement and marriage rings. You do not have to follow these recommendations to the letter, but they are a good guide so that the day does not come and you do not have a ring on your hands.

You already know where the wedding ring goes in Colombia and you already know how to choose it. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us. If you want to start planning your wedding, we are available to design the best day of your life without you having to worry about a thing. Call us!

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