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Ideas to celebrate an intimate wedding

Do you want to celebrate your wedding, but do you want to do it in a more personal way? At Wink we give you ideas to celebrate an intimate or private wedding.

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Do you want to celebrate your wedding, but do you want to do it in a more personal way? You have come to the right place. At Wink we take care of celebrating your intimate wedding with the best style and the best energy so that you can enjoy a magical moment with your partner and the people who make you happy.

If you want to celebrate your intimate wedding with Wink, write us by WhatsApp.

What is an intimate wedding?

Many people decide to celebrate their weddings in a more personal or private way, this depends on the tastes and personality of the couple and in a real case, such as the quarantine, since many couples have decided to continue with the celebration of their wedding, but They decide to do it in a more intimate way where only the most important relatives of each member of the couple and some friends attend.

The celebration of love is valuable in all its forms, what matters is the meaning in your heart and above all, a good event planner.

Weddings are not beautiful because they are celebrated in a big way, but because of the small details that adorn the occasion, which is why it is essential that your wedding planner connects with your tastes and what you want for that day.

At Wink, we take care of providing a quality service with a lot of love, to achieve the perfect result for you. We are experts in planning large, medium and small events.

We believe that the important thing in a celebration is the atmosphere and the right people, that’s why we take care of doing everything to suit you so that you celebrate love in privacy and in an intimate way with the people who make your life more special.

If you want to leave the most important day of your life in the hands of experienced professionals to obtain the result you want, do not hesitate to write to us and start planning your wedding with us.

Frequent questions

Where can I find a Wedding Planner to celebrate my intimate wedding in Medellín?

With Wink you can organize your intimate wedding. We take care of every detail so that everything is perfect. We have extensive experience in large, medium and small events, we also adjust to your budget and we always try to do everything so that you and your partner are happy with the celebration.

You tell us what you want and Wink, your zero stress provider, will make it happen. Request your budget by WhatsApp.

What is the best wedding planner in Medellín?

In Medellín there are several wedding planners, however, we have extensive experience in organizing large, medium and small events.

We have held private events in other cities in Colombia, watch the following video and you will realize why you should put your private wedding in our hands.

How do I celebrate my private wedding in quarantine?

Quarantine is no longer a problem for not celebrating your wedding, yes, meetings are only allowed where there are few people and all are healthy. With wink you can plan your wedding with the most important people in your life, family or friends.

We make sure to comply with all biosecurity measures to keep yours and our work team safe. If you want to hire the wedding planner service in Medellín to celebrate your intimate wedding, do not hesitate to write to us.

How much does it cost to celebrate an intimate wedding in Medellín?

The cost of celebrating your intimate wedding depends on what you want to do, because if you want something very luxurious, the cost will be higher, but if you want something elegant, but simpler, the cost will decrease, if you want to know the cost exact of your intimate wedding it is better that we talk and land ideas to be able to establish a standard of the cost of your celebration.

If you want to contact us to find out more about the cost of having an intimate wedding, write to us and discover all the options we have for you.

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