How to serve the table at an event?

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We show you the correct way to assemble a table.

Although you do not have to be a wine expert or have glassware typical of a restaurant at home, it is important to know what type of glass corresponds to each wine, whether we are hosts or guests. We have a post dedicated to this point here. As we have indicated previously, the glasses are placed on the right in the following order (from left to right): water, red wine, white wine and cava. It is also important to know the appropriate amount that we should serve of each type of wine, since the temperature and oxygenation of this influence. In the case of a crianza or reserva red and a young white, it is advisable to fill a third of the glass. The rest of the young white, rosé or red wines are served up to half the glass and the sparkling wine almost to the top (about three quarters).

Distribution of diners around the table As a general rule, the host usually sits at the head of the table. This place is the one that marks the sense of order of serving and removal of dishes, always starting from the left.

To create a more even distribution around the table and prevent any diner from feeling left out, it is advisable to try to keep couples from sitting together and mix men and women. When there are children, it is preferable that they sit next to at least one of their parents.

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