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What are the types of fabrics for wedding dresses?

We know how complicated it can be to choose a dress among so many options, here we tell you what are the types of fabrics for wedding dresses.

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There are thousands of styles, designs and many types of fabrics for wedding dresses, but only one is the dress of your dreams.

We want you to look divine on the day of your marriage, from the moment you enter the church, throughout the ceremony and at the party, since it is the best day of your life and you will be the center of attention.

We know how complicated and tedious it can be to choose a dress among so many options, the one that best suits your budget, your tastes, your body and, above all, what materials your designer will play with to make your dress the most beautiful. .

Today we want to talk to you about the types of fabrics that exist to design wedding dresses, at Wink we set about the task of making a guide in which you will find the types of fabric most used to design wedding dresses, according to Marcela Quiceno and gina white, wedding dress designers.

If you have already said ‘yes’ and you are looking for a designer for your dress, anxious to know what would be the most appropriate design, what would be the best materials to design it with, what types of fabrics you will find, those that you have surely already heard: silk satin, silk or cotton, or you simply want to have a little information, you came to the right place, here we are going to help you.

It is important that you keep in mind that there are a number of factors that come into play when designing or choosing your wedding dress. Within this series of factors are: what you want to project, what you want to highlight, your preferences, finally it is your wedding; the budget, the climate of the place where you are getting married, if your marriage is day or night and of course, practicality.

What do designers think about wedding dress fabrics?

We spoke with Marcela Quiceno, a designer in the city of Medellín, and Gina Blanco, a designer in the cities of Bogotá and Bucaramanga, and this is what they told us about the types of fabric for wedding dresses.

silk dress for bride


Silk is a natural fiber, a soft and very fresh fabric, this type of fabric in particular has a very good drape, being so light. Silk works perfect for brides who are getting married in warm places, as this material keeps them cool.

If we talk about the type of silhouettes to which silk is best suited, this type of fabric is recommended for brides who want a dress with a wide silhouette, why? because being such a soft fabric, it could highlight some “defect” that you want to hide, if it fits the body a lot.

The investment in a silk dress can be considerable since it is a natural fiber, as we mentioned before, but if you have the budget to design it, do not hesitate to do so.

A silk-based dress will make you look romantic and spectacular.

Satin and silk wedding dress

silk and satin

If we talk about mixes, the combination of silk and satin make a perfect match, this mix is very similar to silk, but unlike silk, this mix is ideal for dressing slim brides or brides with a very toned body Well, even if you wear it tight, it won’t highlight any imperfections, and it will hide cellulite.

Silk mikado for bride

silk mikado
This type of fabric is made from natural silk. If your marriage is in a place with a temperate or cold climate and you are looking for comfort, a dress that has weight, good drape, and volume, silk Mikado is perfect for designing your dress, this type of fabric will make you look more imposing and classic.

crepe dress for bride

The versatility of this fabric allows us to work and adjust very easily to each silhouette on each body, it is characterized by having a divine fall. Although Crepe is a fabric with a rough texture and appearance, it does not prevent us from designing an elegant and soft dress.

If you are worried that the design of your dress may seem outdated, due to the type of fabric you are going to use, we have news for you: Crepe is the perfect fabric and suitable for any time, because it never goes out of style and if you What you want is to highlight the silhouette of your body, this is the perfect choice for your wedding dress:

Here is a list of the types of crepe that you will find:

  • Moroccan crepe: combination of silk or wool
  • Crepe Georgette: It is the most elastic of this group of fabrics.
  • Wool crepe: combination of cotton and silk that give a more starched effect

Embroidered tulle dress for bride

Embroidered Tulle

Embroidery cannot escape us, here we recommend you to do it in tulle. Being made up of 88% polyester and 12% elastomer, this type of fabric is very light, but it will give your dress a starched look and great volume.

This type of fabric in particular tends to generate a bit of shine and by matching its net shape, they provide elegance, sensuality and femininity. It is important to note that embroidered tulle is also used in bridal veils and they look spectacular.

We have lurex threads, which play perfectly in the types of lace, these synthetic fibers are shiny, as for these, the recommendation is to mix them with polyester threads, so that they give a touch of elegance to the fabric of the dress.

Boho fabric dress for bride

Boho dress, Cartagena editorial

This type of fabric works perfect for a totally unstructured dress, they have a good drape, an impeccable tailoring, perfect for a bride with a more hippie style.

Now you know much more about fabrics for wedding dresses, so don’t hesitate any longer and start choosing the design of your dress for this very special event.

We hope you look divine on your wedding day!

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