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Marriage in Colombia: find out how it is celebrated here

Matrimonio en Colombia: conoce cómo se celebra aquí

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A church marriage in Colombia is not the only option you have to get married, currently there are some legal ways in which you can get married, dare to innovate and get married in a different way, we will tell you how.

Not only church marriage is an option

When we think about how to organize a wedding, we usually think of a traditional church wedding, where the guests attend the ceremony and then move on to the party venue.
Most Colombians identify themselves as Catholic, so church marriages have been one of the most traditional ways to get married, although it is not the only option for a marriage in Colombia, it is the most common.

Civil marriages are other ways in which you can get married in Colombia, if after getting married you want to celebrate your wedding in a symbolic way, a location with natural spaces is the best option.

Setting up an altar full of white wedding flower arrangements and flowing fabrics gives a special touch to the symbolic ceremony, you don’t have to be in a church to make it special.

There are love rituals such as the sand ceremony, the bride and groom take two containers full of sand of different colors and pour it into a single container so that they mix and can never be separated, this represents the union of a couple.

Symbolic marriages do not have legal validity in Colombia, but they are generally celebrated after getting married civilly, it is a special way to celebrate the union of a couple.

Civil marriage

If we talk about statistics or numbers, a civil marriage and a religious one are among the most celebrated in Colombia, it is important that you know that if you get married in church it is essential that you authenticate it by a notary.

So no marriage in Colombia can be legal if it is not done or authenticated by civil means, if you do not want to spend a fortune paying for the ceremony in a church, a notary is the best option.

If you want something nice, you can look for the prettiest notary, actually the notaries are not pretty at all, but there are some that have places with plants and beautiful areas where they celebrate civil weddings.

If you don’t have much of a budget, you can reserve a nice restaurant for dinner with the guests and celebrate it in a simple way.

When you have found it, you can talk to the notary public to see if they will let you place some flower arrangements or decorations to set the scene for the photos. This is a type of cheap marriage in Colombia.

destination wedding

One of our favorites! Celebrate your wedding in a destination other than your city, organizing your wedding in itself is already fun, imagine celebrating it on the beach with all your favorite people in the world, it would be great!

This is a different way of celebrating a marriage in Colombia, usually the wedding ceremony is done in the same place as the location, those of us who like the beach know that it has a lot of opportunities.

Opportunities? If the sea has something special about decoration, space and mysticism, it heals and strengthens everything, celebrating your wedding in a destination like the beach is an act of love united with nature.

This is one of the most original wedding classes in Colombia, you can make it official or not, the decision is yours, yes, this type of wedding is characterized by taking place in a different place than the city where the bride and groom and guests live.

Enjoy your wedding on the beach much more with all your guests, take the opportunity to have an after party the next day on the beach with something quiet and extend the celebration, definitely an unforgettable wedding.

Wedding in Colombia Destination wedding

symbolic wedding

Have you heard about symbolic weddings? It is a beautiful way to celebrate a marriage in Colombia, it is about spiritual marriage rituals, a beautiful way to celebrate love without so much protocol.

Symbolic weddings in Colombia are another type of marriage in Colombia that can be done after doing it civilly or by church, it is a way of bringing together the customs and beliefs of the couple in a single ceremony.

It is important that you know that a symbolic marriage is not legally valid in Colombia, so if you want to do it this way you will first have to do it civilly, remember that doing it symbolically is more of a tribute to love.

Church wedding ceremony

Knowing how to organize a Catholic wedding does not require much effort, a marriage in Colombia by the church is one of the unions, those who have never been married by the church do not know that the marriage certificate must also be authenticated by a notary, otherwise otherwise the marriage would not be valid.

One of the most romantic marriages without a doubt, churches convey a sense of tranquility and purity that give a very valuable meaning to a wedding ceremony, God’s blessing is essential for those who decide to do it.

If you choose this type of marriage in Colombia, you should know that there are two ways to do it, in the church or at the location of the party, in either of the two you must find a father who officiates the wedding and is willing to travel outside of Colombia. church.

Wedding planners? Inevitable when making a marriage in Colombia

We all think that organizing a wedding is something super easy until the day of the preparations arrives, in reality it can get a lot of stress when dealing with different suppliers.

Things as basic but complicated as choosing the type of service at a wedding should be done with an event planner who knows everything necessary for your wedding to have the best catering of all.

Do not think that it is a whim to hire an event organizer as a provider, it is more an act of responsibility, that is, we do not want you to stress with the details of the organization of your wedding.

A wedding in Colombia requires planning and time, with a good organizer you will not have to be running with your partner from one place to the other, just worry about the dresses and suits of the bride and groom and bridesmaids!

Wedding planners? Inevitable when making a marriage in Colombia

Do not stay with a single marriage in Colombia, dare to innovate and choose the best option of all, remember that everything is about taste, you choose, we organize everything, at Wink events we make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Plan your wedding with us and enjoy the whole process without stress, celebrate love with all the people you love, leave the rest to us, we leave nothing to chance!

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