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6 types of places for ideal business events

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It is not the same to celebrate your business event in a wedding room with all the corresponding decoration, than to hold it in a conference or country-style room.

Find out here the types of places you can choose according to the business event you want to hold.

Before choosing places for business events, you should keep in mind what is the concept of the event or the theme that you are going to have, is it a New Year’s Eve party or a conference?

Being clear about the type of event helps you define the most appropriate event protocol for yours, be careful! Not every place fits the needs of your event, you must choose very well, do not exaggerate but do not lack anything for the event.

country hall

A country room is ideal for the presentation of a product or a family party, one of the most pleasant places for business events, it can be used for integration events for companies, to promote your product or brand.

Take advantage of nature to create a different event concept, you can take advantage of the interior of the room structure and at the same time take advantage of the outdoors.

Set up a catering at an eye-catching table with the help of logistics personnel for events, we agree that we all like to eat, and even more so if it is free, giving a gastronomic experience helps to create memory of the event.

conference auditoriums

Conference auditoriums or conference centers are usually very large and poorly equipped spaces, some have comfortable chairs, others not so much.

If you need to hold a conference event for a large company, what you should do is look for places for business events that have the capacity and all the equipment to do so, if not, find suppliers.

Farms or large houses can be a good option, some conferences are sectored by area or product, so the target audience is usually smaller so you won’t always need a large venue.

Yerbabuena is an excellent location for social events and also for business conferences, do you know why? This place has diverse, pleasant spaces and the best thing is that you can decorate it however you want.

Remember that the most important thing is that the place suits your needs and not you the place, so you must be clear about what your objectives are and the public to whom you are going to direct the conference.

Club or bar type

These places for business events are the most chosen to celebrate year-end parties or anniversaries. At Wink events we have a wonderful location. Voilá is an events center that provides a modern and tropical experience.

Your guests will feel in true party mode, you can decorate this location however you want, keep in mind that the decoration of halls for business events is usually a little more sober, unless it is a theme party.

Conoce el protocolo para fiesta de quince años aquí

Giving away souvenirs from the event generates remembrance, if you launch a product give away something alluding to it, if it’s a conference with an agenda that’s fine.

Restaurants or reception of special events.

One of the next steps to organize an event after finding the ideal place is to think about the food that you are going to offer at the event for the attendees.

A catering for the end of the year is not the same as for a business event, if you choose a location such as a restaurant you can arrange a brunch and dessert table, if there are many attendees this is a good option.

If you want to offer a main course you should consider the number of attendees you are going to have.

Haciendas or large houses for events

The haciendas are places for business and social events with very wide and diverse spaces, in these places you can celebrate large events such as the anniversary of your company or the presentation of a new product.

The Pozo Chico Hacienda is surrounded by trees, flowers, corridors, vines, colonial buildings, lakes and a wide variety of beautiful spaces, ideal for adapting different spaces where attendees feel comfortable and have an excellent experience.

Hotels and convention centers

Hotels and restaurants are the perfect setting to hold a business event, in fact they are one of the most used venues for business events.

You won’t have to worry about catering for events because hotels specialize not only in hosting guests, but in providing a unique dining experience.

The spaces for conventions and business events are extensive, it all depends on the hotel or convention center you choose, yes, if you go for the convention center option, you should hire a good catering provider.

Manage everything for the event with good suppliers or event houses

Many corporate event venues have some vendors for décor and food, but they don’t always have the complete package, so consider hiring an event company for yours.

lugares para celebrar eventos empresariales

Event companies have everything to carry out any event, be it business, social or the dream wedding, making an event a success requires a lot of effort.

Do not stress and leave everything in the hands of those who can help you, with Wink Events you do not have to worry, your event will be unforgettable, we accompany you in everything you need to find the ideal place for your business event.

Venues for business events must have the ideal characteristics to celebrate any type of event, choose the one you like best. At Wink we advise you with everything you need, leave everything in our hands, find out all our offer here.

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