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Only in Colombia: Los Agüeros for weddings in December

Wedding omens in Colombia have become a tradition, it doesn't matter if you get married in December or February, attracting good luck is not an option.
Los Agüeros para bodas en diciembre

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Wedding omens in Colombia have become a tradition, it doesn’t matter if you get married in December or February, attracting good luck is not an option.

We know that if you are here it is because you want to know how to attract luck to your marriage, you know what? There are many ways to do it and although they are not scientifically proven, the truth is that good intentions always attract good things.

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In this article we tell you about wedding omens in Colombia that are very popular and others that are not so much. These omens are created with the aim of attracting luck to the new stage of newlyweds. If you believe in omens, it is best that you do even one on your wedding day.

The power of omens, do we have to believe in them?

If it’s about wedding omens in Colombia, we should talk about all the superstitions that people have at the time of getting married, but if we do that, surely we would never end, and we don’t want you to get bored.

By itself in these December times there are already enough omens, that the lentils in the pockets before the end of the year, the 12 grapes and the 12 wishes, the return to the block with the suitcase, rather a lot.

One of the omens in December for weddings is that getting married at this time attracts luck, since it is a month in which a new year begins and clearly new opportunities.

If you are one of the superstitious brides, surely you must be stressed by all the details of the wedding and especially the omens for brides that exist in Colombia. Fortunately, these omens are easy to do and if you put the best intentions into them, they will surely bring good luck to your marriage.

Find the meaning of the wedding omens in Colombia, they are not only Colombian omens, you will realize that they are superstitions that are held in many corners of the world.

Pearls on the wedding day? Do not do it

Let’s start with the omens of weddings in Colombia that are bad luck, the bad news first is better. Although you don’t have to see it from the negative side but as a way to prevent not so good things.

Wearing pearls on your wedding day is not a good omen, it is said that pearls symbolize tears and suffering, pearls are known as mermaid tears, which is why we recommend you not to wear them for any reason, only if you believe in superstitions for weddings.

According to rumors, some famous couples who have been married and have had an accessory with pearls have failed in their marriages, we believe or else Jlo tells you, apparently her marriage with Ben is not going well.

Things to have on your wedding day: used, new, borrowed, and blue.

This is perhaps one of the most traditional wedding omens in Colombia when getting married, this is perhaps one of the most symbolic omens that we can find, that also includes not seeing the bride’s dress before the wedding.

You have to know that everything has its meaning, although they are distinguished from each other, generally each object goes with the bride on the wedding day, never forget this, you must keep it in mind from the first day you start planning wedding.

  • Used: what we know as something old, is that way of staying connected with your roots, your family and what defines your history, that is why this should be given as a gift for someone very special, your mom, your dad or someone else special in your life
  • New: The beginning of a new stage, the hope of an ideal future, here anything can be considered as something new, of course it must be related to your wedding, so if you are thinking of the wedding dress or shoes as something new , you can do it.
  • Borrowed: If it is about attracting good luck, this is one of the things that cannot be missing at your wedding, and it must come from a person who has already been married and has a happy and fulfilling life as a couple. a good omen indeed.
  • Blue: The quintessential symbol of purity and fidelity of the couple during the marriage, usually this accessory is the garter worn by the bride, but you can use whatever you want, whether it’s the earrings, or some details on the dress.

If it rains on your wedding day, be thankful because it is good luck

Nothing is more boring than a rainy wedding and even more so if it is outdoors and there are areas with grass, the dresses are the ones that will suffer the most on a rainy day, but unlike what one might believe if the weather on the wedding day brings rain, it means that it is very good luck for you.

There is another superstition that says that if it rains it is a sign of a bad omen, because suffering will be present, but not in this one, we leave that one to the pearls.

It is one of the wedding omens in Colombia that although it may not seem like it brings a very good omen, your marriage will be very blessed. If you are thinking of having a generous family, then congratulations, because rain is also a symbol of fertility.

agüeros de boda en Colombia

Do not receive knives as gifts from your guests.

Wedding omens in Colombia that could possibly scare you if they arrive as a gift from one of your guests, yes, we are talking about knives, this is considered very bad luck for your wedding, it is nothing more than the breakdown of your marriage.

Receiving knives as a wedding gift basically means that very soon you will stop being married, there is something you must do to counteract it, it is very simple, you just have to give a coin to the person who gives it to you.

That is why we recommend the rain of envelopes, that extra money will help you for the expenses of the wedding or the honeymoon, you will not have to be complicating or entangle your guests thinking about what is given at a wedding.

Rice on the bride and groom when leaving the church.

Something more traditional than throwing rice at the couple when they leave the church? Well, if it is in Colombia, surely there is nothing more traditional, the meaning is very positive, abundance and lots of it.

Wedding omens in Colombia that have to be done yes or yes, some choose to throw white rose petals, as they symbolize prosperity and fertility for the newlyweds.

So if you are thinking about how annoying it is to have a piece of rice that fits poorly somewhere in your dress, it is better that you stop doing it, it is preferable to be bothered for a while than a life without abundance, of course, only if you are very omen.

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Enter the ceremony and the place of celebration with the right foot.

Until the end with the wedding omens in Colombia, just as we have the belief that raising them on the right foot augurs a good day, likewise you must enter the church and the place of the celebration, why do you already have the place of the separate celebration, right?

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That the rice, that the preparation of the bride so that the groom does not see her, rather, everything you want to have for your wedding day you can get with us, the provider with all the services you need.

Don’t get too excited, we still haven’t managed to get the bride to the wedding by helicopter, well it’s not a bad idea, the truth is that you can ask for whatever you want but realistically.

Entrar con pie derecho a la ceremonia y al lugar de la celebración

How fast did you get here?

That means that at least you are thinking of doing one of the wedding omens in Colombia that we mention here, and we are excited to know that they have been of help to you.

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