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Is getting married in a church expensive? here we tell you.

¿Casarse en una iglesia es costoso? Aquí te lo contamos.

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A marriage in itself requires a good investment so that it turns out as you always dreamed, yes, churches also charge for getting married, don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you think.

In this article you will learn how much it costs to get married in a church and what different options you have if you do not want to get married in a church.

What you have to do before the preparation of the wedding

To plan a wedding you must think of everything, it is not only about choosing the location or the decoration, the preparations for a church wedding have a couple of steps more than those of a civil wedding.

If you want a church marriage, you will have to take a pre-marriage course and present the required paperwork to be able to apply to get married in a church.

Stationery for marriage application

Getting married in a church is not difficult, to do so you have to comply with certain protocols requested by the Catholic Church, the requirements of the Catholic Church are not the same as those requested by religions of other churches.

If you are thinking of getting married civilly, the paperwork is not the same as that requested in a church, you will not even need a pre-marriage course, so all those steps that you must complete by the church have an additional cost.

Apart from the civil birth registration, copies of the identity card and other documents necessary to do so, the completed pre-marriage course, each one must be confirmed before the Catholic Church.

Curso de confirmación si no lo has hecho

To get married in a church, you need to take a confirmation course before the wedding ceremony, Catholics who did not do it in their teens must take it before the wedding.

The decoration of the church for the wedding is the responsibility of the couple or the event company in charge of the celebration.

There is something called the parish certificate or register, there is all the information of a person who identifies with the Catholic religion, baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage and death are in that certificate.

pre-marriage course

In the pre-marital course or workshop there are sessions to strengthen the relationship between the couple, it is where topics such as communication, the meaning of marriage, respect and other important aspects for the couple’s coexistence are discussed.

To be able to get married in a church you must take this pre-marriage course yes or yes, all these requirements have an additional cost to the marriage request, remember that the church must be separated for private purposes for the wedding.

The father’s services also have a cost, we could not tell you about specific prices because they vary from church to church, some kinds of weddings in Colombia are larger than others, weddings with more guests are expensive.

Now yes, let’s talk about prices

In Colombia, on average, a wedding ceremony by the church has an average value between 70,000 to 300,000 Colombian pesos. The pre-marriage course is not included here, it has a value of more or less than 30,000 pesos.

Talking about how much a wedding in Colombia costs is dealing with issues such as the location, the food, the decoration and also the church, the flowers in the church are different from the ones you will find at the reception.

Do not forget that the parish fees must also be paid, they cost 60,000 Colombian pesos but that varies depending on the church and where it is located.

Why getting married in a church is expensive

Low cost weddings, plan your dream wedding without spending too much

Celebrate your wedding on a budget, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a dream celebration, yes, the more things you want, the more the cost will increase, the more guests, the more budget.

Wedding and event companies are experts in organizing the wedding or event you want, get the best locations, catering service, and decorations according to your budget.

If you want to have a different space than getting married in a church, in the location or place where you are going to celebrate the wedding, you can adapt a beautiful altar according to your taste in decoration.

A country ceremony gives a natural sensation and with organic colors, a perfect complement to your wedding. They are carried out outdoors, choose a good day in the season, the weather is important, we do not want it to rain that day.

Some symbolic weddings in Colombia are held in country places, these weddings are an option for people who do not want to get married in a church or who cannot for other reasons.

Learn how to plan a wedding for 50 people, and learn everything you need to do a small wedding.

Getting married in a church is not expensive

You already know that getting married in a church is not as expensive as you thought, you just have to take into account the requirements that you must meet before the wedding, focus all your energy on the celebration.

With a good budget you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, at Wink we support you in everything to make a small wedding but with everything you need to make it unforgettable, plan your wedding with us!

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