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Learn about the protocol for the quinceanera party, here.

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Having a protocol helps to maintain control at a party, avoids inconveniences due to lack of planning, find in this article what is the basic protocol to follow for a quinceanera party.

One of the first things you should think about is the invitations for the party, this is one of the first steps when organizing the quinceanera party.

Select the guests you want to have at your party with the help of your parents, if you are the quinceañera who is reading to us, choose the guests together.

Send the invitations 1 year in advance if the party is very large, or 6 to 3 months when the party is medium or smaller.

Remember that in the invitation you must indicate the place, date and time that the quinceañera party will be held, do not forget to specify what the dress code is.

Location of the guests inside the room

The quinceañera’s table is the most important, it must be located in a central place, it is best to see it from all sides, the guests closest to the quinceañera are located around the table and then the friends.

The event room is very important, the location you choose depends on the number of guests you can bring, and the theme or decoration, at Wink events we have beautiful locations.

Parents are the ones who should greet guests at the entrance, welcoming them to their daughter’s quinceanera.

Voilá is a dream location, if you are in the city of Medellín, this is a great option to celebrate any type of event.

Fifteen years are not celebrated every day, enjoy a timeless place with touches of Mediterranean architecture, surprise your guests and enjoy the best fifteen-year-old party.

Get to know all our locations by city and reserve the most anticipated day.

Conoce el protocolo para fiesta de quince años aquí

Quinceañera entrance and waltz

Before the entrance of the quinceañera to the place, the guests must be located at the tables.

To guide the guests it is important that you have a host or someone in charge of guiding them to their table.

In the protocol of a quinceañera party, the entrance of the quinceañera starts the party, that’s when the dance opens, the waltz is one of the most important moments of the party, don’t forget it!

In the etiquette and protocol for the waltz, you should start with the closest relative, such as the father of the quinceañera, then the grandparents, uncles, cousins or closest friends can pass.

Toast and catering service

Regardless of what types of themes for quinceañeras you choose, the toast is a formal moment that cannot be missing at a party, once the toast has passed, it is time for the catering service.

Do you know what catering is? It is the food service for a 15-year-old party, in some receptions the buffet type banquet is used, here each guest must go to the food area for their plate.

Buffets are out of fashion, you must have adequate logistics so that there is no disorder when serving food, the best thing is a catering service to the table.

At the fifteen-year-old party you cannot miss the dessert table, remember that most of your guests are teenagers and they surely love sweets.

Brindis y servicio de catering

Photo session with family and friends

The photo studio for quinceañeras is a super cool memory, you must choose the people you want to appear in the photos, if you are going to do it during the party, it is important that it be discreet and orderly.

The decoration for parties with a concept is an excellent option, take it as a reference to obtain more striking and creative photos.

Remember that if you are going to choose thematic party concepts, all the decoration must be connected with all the theme you chose, even in the themed photos they look great.

Do not forget the sound, the music cannot be missing

There is no party without music, the rental of sound for events is not a etiquette act, it is the formal closing of the quinceañera party, it is the moment of fun for the guests and the quinceañera.

We recommend you contract the sound and lighting with the same provider since in the same installation the sound is synchronized with the lighting, enjoy a production with editing and dj included.

Quinceanera party? Do not worry, at Wink events we accompany you throughout the process of planning and protocol of the party, enjoy the process and leave everything in our hands, visit our website.

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