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Learn the true meaning of fifteen years here.

Conoce el verdadero significado de los quince años aquí

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The fifteen years is a very special event in the life of every adolescent girl, the meaning of the fifteen is more special than you thought, it is not a simple celebration, know everything that the fifteen years ritual symbolizes here.

Why are fifteen years celebrated?

Quinceanera parties are social events where the 15th birthday of an adolescent girl is celebrated, the celebration focuses on the transition in a stage of life.

A Latin American custom where parents celebrate their daughter’s fifteenth birthday, the vast majority of fifteen-year-old celebrations are held in a room.

By tradition these celebrations were held in order to present the quinceañera in society, over the years this has changed, the celebration has been maintained but it is no longer necessary to present them in society.

The true meaning of fifteen years is the culmination of the stage of childhood through the organization of a party where the fifteenth birthday is celebrated.

More than a celebration, a ritual!

An initialization rite towards the beginning of adulthood, although they begin their stage as adolescents, it is a symbolic way of celebrating it, this ritual like any other has several steps, what today we call protocol.

Although the meaning of the quinceañera has changed over the years and with each generation, the truth is that most of the customs have been maintained, the protocol for the quinceañera party is almost the same as it was a while ago.

The meaning of the quinceañera is not only the transition from one stage to another, each detail has a meaning, the quinceañera dress symbolizes a more adult and less childlike appearance, it was invented in the 19th century in Mexico.

The waltz is part of the ritual, it is about presenting the quinceañera through a dance that allows her to show herself hand in hand with a companion or gentleman, currently it is done with her father or brother.

Just like the waltz, each point in the quinceañera protocol is part of the ritual, if you want to celebrate it in style, choose to rent an event and reception room, remember that it is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life.

transition from girl to woman

The fifteen-year celebration ritual began in history as a way of presenting in society and being able to get a prospective husband or boyfriend from a wealthy family, a way to celebrate the transformation from girl to woman.

Within the celebration there are several things that symbolize this transition and that give it a more valuable meaning of the fifteen, there is a moment of the protocol where the father changes the low shoes for high-heeled ones for the fifteen-year-old.

This action symbolizes that transition from girl to woman, this is undoubtedly a step that you cannot ignore when thinking about how to throw a quinceanera because it is one of the rituals in the protocol of a quinceanera party.

Los quince años como transición de niña a mujer

Where are fifteen years celebrated?

The celebration of fifteen years took place in Mexico and Guatemala, typical of the cultures of the Aztec and Mayan tribes, they used to celebrate rites where the girls entered puberty.

So the true meaning of the fifteen years and why it is celebrated for so many years is to witness the transition from one stage to another of the girl who has just turned the age.

This custom over time was adopted in different Latin American countries, each one has its own way of celebrating it, in Colombia, for example, it is customary to celebrate fifteen almost the same as in other countries.

The father’s mass for the birthday girl, the dress, the hostesses, the waltz, the change of shoes and the party as such do not change much, what does change are the names and the order of the protocol, each country has its own way of celebrating it.

Create the best quinceañera party with the help of good suppliers.

The meaning of fifteen years for a girl today is the celebration of this new stage, celebrating it in style and that it remains in her memories for a lifetime is the wish of every girl.

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Crea la mejor fiesta de quince años con la ayuda de buenos proveedores.

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