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20 ideas to celebrate a romantic wedding anniversary.

If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, here we give you 20 ideas from experts on the subject.

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If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, here we give you 20 ideas from experts on the subject.

The first anniversary of marriage is undoubtedly one of the most special, love is still intact and so the best way to commemorate it, is through a celebration.

Whether it’s your first or your 50th wedding anniversary, it’s always a good idea to surprise your partner with any of these ideas.

Can you imagine going back to where it all began? That first coffee, the place where your eyes met, where you spoke for the first time. It will undoubtedly be an experience that will transport you back in time and will bring back the most beautiful memories of your relationship. Looking back will make you recognize how much you have advanced and grown as a team!

2. Book a night in a hotel

Nothing more romantic than getting out of the routine to be alone as a couple. You can book a night in a hotel near your city or even within it. The idea is to spend the night in an environment other than home, turn off the cell phone and disconnect completely to enjoy your time as a couple.

3. Home theater with Wink

At Wink we not only plan dream weddings, we also create experiences. If you love watching a good movie but you don’t like running with the popcorn to get to the theater on time, keeping your comments to yourself, or getting a few kicks to the back of your chair. We have the ideal solution! A home cinema.We show your favorite movie, in a beautifully decorated setting with food of your choosing. and the best part? No distractions, just you and your partner.

4. Tepee and romantic dinner at home

Remember making your own fort at home with pillows, sheets and anything else you could find? It was awesome! Rights? It felt like a parallel universe, even though you were inside your house it was something totally different. At Wink, we take that experience to the next level and revive that feeling with a boho-style decoration, featuring a perfect Tepee for two, surrounded by flowers, hanging lights, candles and a delicious and romantic dinner.

Cena romantca en casa

5. Take a class together

Why not learn to make pasta, pizza, ceramics, or cupcakes? A class together is always a good idea, not only will you learn something new but you will be able to spend time together. By doing an activity together, you develop teamwork, and take your mind off daily stress, work and all responsibilities 

6. A relaxing day

Nothing better than taking the time to pamper yourself, relax and enjoy a quiet day. You can take your partner to a spa, where you can enjoy a massage as a couple, take a bath in a jacuzzi together with a glass of wine or champagne and leave totally renewed.

7. Visit a nearby town

If you love discovering new places and cultures, romantic getaways are your thing. Plan a weekend road trip to a town near your city where it’s just you, your partner, the scenery and good music. You can spend the night in a romantic town like Villa de Leyva, near Bogotá, Barichara in Santander, El “Colombian Santorini”, in Doradal, Antioquia.

8. Family Gathering

Celebrating with those you love the most is also a great idea. If you consider yourself a couple who loves being with family and are characterized by being very sociable, then organizing a party and inviting family and friends will be the best option. From a cocktail to a BBQ-style lunch, where you not only share but also relive the memories and anecdotes of your wedding.

9. Post wedding photo shoot

There is no greater joy than trying on your wedding dress or groom’s suit after a few years and having it fit perfectly, like on your wedding day! How about celebrating your wedding anniversary with a photo shoot dressed as you were on your wedding day?

It would certainly be an experience that would take you back in time, in addition to giving you a chance to update the family album.

Segunda Luna de Miel

10. Second honeymoon

If your honeymoon was a dream come true, imagine living it again. Visiting those places, eating in those restaurants, looking at those landscapes while holding hands. All those memories are worth experiencing once again.

11. Netflix & Chill

This would be the perfect plan for a Friday night or the weekend. However, many couples have a very busy life, and planning a night to watch your favorite movies or series together can be the best intimate and quiet wedding anniversary celebration.

12. Photo album

When it comes to memories, the best thing is to collect them and for that, nothing better than a photo album. From engagement to wedding photos or photos with your children, pets, and funny moments. Add some captions on each photo and it will make them even more personalized and special.

13. Last Minute Trip

What if we take a risk? A few days before your anniversary, look for the cheapest ticket that leaves the nearest airport and venture to a new destination. The last minute flights are often discounted up to 80%.

14. Wine Tasting

You can do a wine tasting in a restaurant, specialized wine shops, and even at home. We recommend that at the end of the night you buy some bottles so you can celebrate each anniversary with your favorite wine.

15. A Special Gift

Whether it’s tickets to go to a concert or to go see your favorite football team, or even that watch you’ve wanted for a long time. Surely there is something that your partner has always dreamed of, it is a matter of listening to them and making it happen on a date as special as their anniversary.

16. A gift made by you

To celebrate your anniversary it is not necessary to invest too much money. Sometimes small, well-thought-out gestures make all the difference. A breakfast made by you, a handwritten letter, a path of flowers or even a painting, surely your partner will see how invaluable your gift is.

17. A unique experience

Paragliding, hot air ballooning, dining on a boat, the options are endless. Plan or hire a unique experience, something you have not done together before. You will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

18. Brunch

Unlimited Pancakes and mimosas? Oh yes! Surely you dream of going to a brunch full of delicious options to try, there is no better date to make it happen than your wedding anniversary. We recommend looking for all you can eat style brunches, where you pay a fee and get the full experience and eat as much as you can.

19. Hire a chef

A great idea is to hire a chef, who comes to your house and cooks a romantic dinner for both of you. You can ask him to prepare the dishes that you ate at the wedding and relive each moment through the flavors.

20. Re-live the wedding

Comfy sofa, wine glasses, cheese board and a tiramisu? Check! And now, how about watching your wedding video one more time. At the end of the night, you can renew your vows to each other, a few words recited face to face.

What do you think of these 20 ideas to celebrate your anniversary? If you liked them, write them down so that each anniversary you can enjoy a different adventure.

Whether you want something simple or something more elaborate, at Wink we can help you with planning. We love being accomplices in love stories, those who once swore “Eternal Love” and genuinely care about making that love grow every day.

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