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7 most common mistakes when planning an event that you should avoid.

There are some mistakes when planning a business event that can influence the success of the event, here we tell you how to avoid them.
7 errores al planear un evento más comunes que debes evitar.

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In event planning, everything must be considered, taking something for granted can lead to mistakes, details matter a lot, here we tell you about some mistakes when planning an event that you should avoid if you want it to be successful.

Establishing the objectives of an event allows you to have a much broader picture of what you are going to do, so the organization of the event will be much easier, with the objectives many things are broken down, such as the target audience.

If you define objectives, you will be clear about what the concept of the event will be and how it will be addressed to your attendees. With this, you can avoid mistakes when planning an event that can be simple but generate many problems for the event.

The success of an event lies in its organization and logistics. If you have a clear objective for the event, but you don’t have event logistics staff to support you and take care of everything, it surely won’t be the best.

If you do not define the target audience you will not know what event to do

If you are going to do a product launch or a seminar, you must define the target audience very well. It makes no sense to invite clients to a seminar whose purpose is to train your staff. Defining the target audience is ideal.

Business events that have a well-defined target audience are the most successful, it is who you want to reach and who is truly interested in your event.

If it’s a skin care product, surely more than half of the attendees will be women, so it doesn’t make sense that most of your attendees are young men who care little about skin care.

Not defining a target audience is one of the mistakes when planning an event that is more difficult to overcome in the event that you no longer have time and the date of the event is very close.

It seems obvious but believe us, not knowing who your type of client or target audience is is very common when you do not have a defined market study.

Not choosing the budget is a serious mistake

With the budget that you have defined is what you can start planning the event with, knowing what luxuries you can or cannot give yourself, from choosing the right types of event rooms to the catering service that you are going to provide, they need a good budget.

You must consider all the details within the budget of the event, to do so you must know how many guests you are going to have, you need to know the capacity of the location for the event and the number of plates of food that you are going to present.

Imagine that catering time arrives and the food is not enough because your budget was not developed in the same line as the objectives and target audience, avoid these mistakes when planning an event to the fullest!

The type of location is decisive

It all depends on the type of event you are going to do, for assemblies or business conferences you will need locations with large rooms and good furniture.

If it’s an end-of-year party for your guests, make sure it has spacious common spaces, but what should an event room have? Sufficient capacity for your guests, excellent facilities, easy access and comfort.

The decoration of halls for business events helps to set the scene and project the identity of your company, product or event concept.

One of the mistakes when planning an event is choosing the location because you thought it was beautiful or because it has a large space for the event, but you should check if they have enough furniture and if the bathrooms are adequate.

You must visit the location before holding the event to be sure that it meets all the characteristics for your event to be a success.

El tipo de locación es determinante

Planning an event is everything, don't skip it.

If you do the exercise of planning a business event, prepare for chaos. One way to plan a successful business event is to create an event schedule.

With each step of the event you will be able to define efforts for each moment of the event, one of the mistakes when planning an unprofessional event, improvising in an event with more than 50 guests is a huge risk.

If you do not communicate it, there will be no event.

Communicating the event by email is not enough, if it is an event for employees you have it easier, reminders, posters, circular “parish notices” and word of mouth are good strategies, in the case of clients it is more different.

For clients, you must inform through an invitation by physical mail, email, social networks, communication media such as WhatsApp or your own website.

These errors when planning an event are not common, what is common is that you do not communicate the event with enough time, when this happens the number of attendees will be affected.

So if you are thinking of launching a product, you must plan the date very well and in advance so that the event is a success.

Choosing an inopportune date

If the event is a New Year’s Eve party, it is best to choose a weekend or Friday, making sure that the next day they do not have to work, that is if you are not the boss that everyone wants and you give them the day off.

In the case of training, congresses, assemblies or partner meetings, it does not make sense to do it outside working hours, they are work activities that must be carried out within the day.

Surely you will not have many attendees to a training on a Sunday, one of the mistakes when planning an event that you cannot make, this would directly influence the goals you have with the event and clearly its success.

Choose business event organizers with everything you need.

Hiring an event organizing company is not a mistake, on the contrary, it is a success if you want to save time and money, the best way to avoid mistakes when planning an event is to get everything you need in one place.

At Wink Eventos we know all the work involved in carrying out a business event successfully, that’s why we have everything you need, from furniture to the perfect location to develop the best event of all.

Why hire a company and not do it yourself? Because event planning itself is a tough task, now taking care of sourcing each vendor and coordinating them for the event is even more difficult.

Advising and accompanying you throughout the event assembly process helps you observe every detail and avoid the most common mistakes when planning an event.

Elige organizadores de eventos empresariales con todo lo que necesitas.

Do not make the same mistakes when planning an event and hire a company that will help you with everything you need. Wink is the zero stress provider in Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena and Barranquilla that you need.

Visit our website and plan your event in the best locations, with the perfect furniture and decoration for each type of event. Don’t think twice!

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