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12 Places to celebrate weddings in Medellín

At Wink we give you a list of 12 Venues to celebrate weddings in Medellín so that you can choose the place that best suits your style. Enter now!

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How hard can it be to choose from 12 wedding venues in Medellin?

Choosing a venue for your wedding is similar to choosing where to eat on a first date. They have no idea where to go or what to eat, but they turn around until they find something ideal for both of them and that’s where a story begins.

Just like for a first date, choosing the place to celebrate your wedding is important because by choosing you are also getting to know each other. It would be ideal to go to a quiet place where you can talk comfortably and feel good, talk about the details you imagine in your marriage, how many guests, the decoration, the meals and finally, the space where

If you are looking for places to celebrate weddings in Medellín, surely you have already considered the details of your marriage, and in this step there are many to consider and of all kinds.

The place will totally depend on the style you choose, if you want a rustic, modern, country wedding, without luxuries, with many decorations, with 200 people or only 20, classic, in short, there are many possibilities and here we will help you reduce the list.

If what you are looking for is to see something that impresses you, we recommend you to see many photos and visit the place before making a decision. If you don’t want to complicate yourself and instead decide on something classic, you can do it indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter what style you have, everything will be perfect and it will be a super special day for you.

Don’t you want to think anymore? At Wink we take care of organizing all the preparations for your wedding, choosing locations, preparing the catering and accommodating all your tastes, no matter how demanding they may be.

At Wink we have 12 places to celebrate weddings in Medellín, both open and closed places. Some are our own and others are from our allies but, among the variety is the taste and we are sure that you will love them.

So, without further ado, let’s start by naming our 4 favorites:

Casa Cartagena events

Casa Cartagena events is a place that is perfect for romantic weddings, with colonial architectures and country places on the outskirts of Medellín. It has open spaces, it is a very spacious, elegant and sober place. It has everything you need to make your day the best of life.

Casa Cartagena events in Medellin

Get to know the opinions about Casa Cartagena on Google

Palau Events

Just 15 minutes from Medellín with a great view of the city, at night, it is magical. This location is a structure surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, meaning that from inside you can see the best views of the city. It is perfect for sophisticated and irreverent couples.

Salón Palau locations for events in Medellín

Get to know the opinions about Palau Eventos in Google.

The Horses Events

It is a rustic, botanical and pet friendly place. It is approximately at kilometer 3.5 of Llano Grande. This location is bohemian style and has a very wide space, it is perfect if the most important thing for you is the party, the best rumbas are held here. Also, many couples have found their love here and have decided to seal it in the same place where it was born and if you don’t believe it, watch this video.

Los Caballos event center in Medellín

Get to know the opinions about Horses events on Google

Forest Campestre events

Of the places for weddings in Medellín, this is one of the favorites for those who like rustic themes. In this place you can find open spaces, nature and a lot of beauty. The end results of the weddings that have been held there have been magical.

Forest Campestre Events in Medellin

Get to know the opinions of Forest Campestre on Google.


You must already know because of the places to celebrate weddings in Medellín, those are our favorites, right? If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s enough to read the comments they have on Google, but more than that, their location, versatility, style and easy decoration make them ideal.

As you must know, our favorites have become our favorites due to their facilities, amenities, capacity, ease of access, and excellent environments. They are also the ones most chosen by couples due to the magnificent weddings we have performed in them.

However, we have also worked in other places to celebrate weddings in Medellín, places that we carry in our hearts and that we always recommend our clients to take into account.

Other places for weddings in Medellín.

Villa Celeste Events

places for weddings in medellin

This space has floor-to-ceiling windows that blend in nicely with the lights. This venue is perfect for elegant weddings but with a differentiating touch. Your guests and family will feel comfortable with these beautiful country spaces with modern and avant-garde touches.

Sky High Events

Cielo Alto places for weddings in medellin Wink Events

Located on the outskirts of the city, it is a hotel that offers a rustic atmosphere and among the places for weddings in Medellín, this is perfect if you want a country wedding.

If you want to choose a place for a destination wedding and you come from another place to get married, you can take it into account. It has open spaces that include a green area, beautiful landscapes and is perfect for a sunset on your wedding day. Also for party time, it is spacious.

Santa Monica Events

Santa Monica events and weddings in Medellin

It is perfect to celebrate your wedding if you are looking for an elegant, fresh and spacious place. It has a very interesting architecture. It has green areas that give it a special touch.

Hacienda Fizebad Country Club

Hacienda Fizebad Country Club for weddings in Medellín

This hacienda evokes all the paisa culture, it is a very pleasant, quiet and above all beautiful place. It is a country club, perfect for rustic weddings. It also has green spaces that fall in love.

Portobello Venue Park Events

Portobello Venue Park weddings in medellin

You can find this place Via the Tablazo Rionegro. It is a space that provides a lot of tranquility and comfort. It has green areas, a garden and is spacious, the best for celebrating a wedding surrounded by green spaces and many guests.

Aguas Claras event center

Aguas Claras event center for weddings in Medellín

In this place you can celebrate your wedding in a classic or romantic style, as you prefer. It has very attractive windows and its combination with the lights, the roses and all the decorations make everything look perfect.

Botanical Garden Events

celebrate marriage in medellin with Wink in the botanical garden

Many know the Medellín Botanical Garden and for many it is the perfect setting for any classy event. Surrounded by nature, perfect for creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere, outdoor spaces, space for a large number of guests, and close to transportation for your guests.

It is a place to celebrate any type of marriage in Medellín, a suitable space for any type of wedding. Its architecture, large spaces and green areas are very attractive to many couples who do not want to complicate their guests with traveling outside the city.

If you want another option in the city of Medellín, you could consider other providers such as San Agustín. It is one of our allies and with our help we could find another place for you if they did not meet your expectations. Contact us and we will help you find a place to get married in Medellín.

We are sure that one of these places for weddings in Medellín will take your breath away, and you know what? when you go to them you feel that the photos are not enough to show their beauty. Call us and we will accompany you to see them.

Each one hides its magic within its structures, we take care of making it visible so that you and your partner have the best day of your lives, just contact us and we’ll get to work.

If you want to know about more places to celebrate weddings in Medellín, Bogotá or Villa de Leyva, you can see all our locations.

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