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Simple 15-year party

We tell you how to celebrate a simple 15-year-old party with friends and family. Make this moment the perfect celebration for your daughter.
Fiesta de 15 Años Sencilla | Wink Eventos

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The celebration of fifteen years is a dream for many girls, a dream celebration, with their friends and family, beautiful makeup and many photos, surely you want to celebrate in a big way or simply want to do something simpler, either because you want few people, by preferences or by budget, that is why we will give you some advice so that you can organize an economical party to celebrate the quinceañera.

How to organize a simple quinceanera party

1. Budget

One of the most common mistakes is not making a budget when starting with the organization of the party. Make sure it is a realistic budget considering the essential details.
It is an important issue and it is what will define the type of event you are going to have, the important thing is to be clear about it so that you can start contacting suppliers and compare them for their quality.
For a simple 15-year-old party, we recommend establishing a global budget and not spending more. At the time of contracting, however, it should always be more important to compare several providers not for their price but for their quality, you can review several options that fit the budget and decide on the one you like the most.

2. Check list

Next, list all the things you have to do so that nothing escapes you and so that nothing is left unforeseen for the last moment.

3. Guest list

Do not get too long on the guest list because you will generate a lot of additional expenses. The idea is to invite family and best friends. Keep in mind who you really want to be and put them on the list.

4. The living room

If you have a house big enough to comfortably accommodate each of your guests, use that space. If this is not possible, rent a room that includes the services of furniture, music and food. You can also hire the services separately, so you can choose the most economical.

5. The dress

Look for rental dresses, so you will not invest much. If the idea is to brand new a dress, look for a local dressmaker, she can do it at a much cheaper price.

Simple makeup for a quinceanera party

If someone in your family has good taste in makeup, ask them for help. For the hands, one of the favorite options is always the French manicure.
If you want to contract the service with someone else, always ask for prices and, if possible, evaluate the possibility of doing a makeup test beforehand, to avoid details that you don’t like on the final day, we recommend pastel shades, avoid strong makeup it makes it look older.

Simple menu for a quinceanera party

Use the option of serving appetizers, a fast food buffet instead of a dish served at various moments (starter, main course), you will save money on the menu and it is a good option to organize a cheap party. Instead of the traditional cake, make a tower of cupcakes or donuts, it will be more original. You can also ask family and friends for help to prepare a simple menu, this way you avoid hiring a person and save money.

How to make a party of 15 original

Depending on the money you want to save, you must apply more strategies to earn your money, when creating strategies you have to use your creativity thinking about things that you had not seen before, the use of new materials, new ways, also remember that the best parties they start with a good initiative and a great organization so keep that in mind when you get down to work.

Decoration for a simple quinceanera party

Decoration for a simple quinceanera party You can use helium balloons, balloon arches to decorate the entrance and each table with corsages, you can decorate the table with fabrics to make a table runner, cylinders with candles inside is a simple and inexpensive decoration that works very well giving touches of elegance and sobriety and if you put these cylinders on pieces of wood trunk it will give a very organic touch.


It’s very nice to send paper invitations, but very expensive too. You can save a good amount if you choose to send them electronically, or why not? You can make a cute design to send it to your WhatsApp groups.

The most important thing when it comes to making a simple celebration is to be creative, plan it ahead of time to be able to look for good options from each supplier or area, seek advice if required and know what you want, you can search for references on Pinterest for this, We wish you all the luck with your event. If you require additional help for your event, remember that we are here to give you ideas and give you a hand with the planning or execution of your event.


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