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How to plan a corporate event: 8 expert tips

Tips on how to plan a business event like a true genius would, in this article we tell you what you must do to achieve it.

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Tips on how to plan a business event like a true genius would, in this article we tell you what you must do to achieve it.

Let’s get something straight. The same planning strategy cannot be the same to plan different types of corporate events Each event has different needs, there are some steps that you should always follow when planning it. Being clear about how to plan an event, you will be able to focus on the smallest details. In this article we will share some tips so that the planning of any event is a complete success.

How to make an event successful?

There are many questions that come up when we think about how to plan a business event. The first thing to know is that there are different corporate events that have a specific objective. Although each one needs to be planned differently, there are a few steps to planning an event that always need to be followed. The choice of the budget is one of them. Before thinking about planning, you must be clear about the concept of the event.

Set objectives for the business event

Every event is done with a clear goal or objective, some companies seek recognition in the market, others to sell more or generate alliances and strategic business for the company. If the objective is to train the staff, the main thing is that you organize the event around that objective. That way it will be easier to measure its level of success. When you think about how to plan an event, always do it with the objective in mind.

Build a schedule with each moment of the event

Every business or social event must have a defined schedule. Structuring each moment of the event provides the logistics staff with more information and detail about the event, so everything will be more controlled. There can be no room for errors or improvisation in any event, much less if they are large and important events such as fairs, conferences, negotiations with potential investors or clients.

Define the type of business event you are going to host

Nobody knows how to plan an event without first knowing what is the purpose for which you plan to hold an event. Each company defines its objectives and with them the appropriate activities or goals for their achievement. To generate more sales, you have to hold business fairs or brand presentation events, a perfect setting to present your products and services to your customers or the general public.

These are the different types of public and private events that a company offers:

Private business events:

  • End of the year’s party
  • anniversary celebration
  • Workshops or conferences
  • Training or team building
  • seminars

Public business events:

  • business fairs
  • Exhibitions for brand or product launch
  • Large conferences
  • conventions
  • Conferences
For each of these events a different planning must be done. It is not the same to throw a New Year’s party versus a business congress. When you are clear about all this, it is time to continue with the next step in the planning.

Choose the type of location

That next step is the stage where the event will take place, that depends on what it is, if it is a large one, the characteristics of the place must be adequate for the number of attendees, the same applies to smaller events.

In covered room

For each business event there is a suitable location, knowing how to plan an event requires creativity and common sense. If your event is private and the number of attendees is moderate, a covered event and reception room is a good option. One way to motivate employees is by holding events outside the company, where employees are distracted from their daily work. The places to hold small corporate events are characterized by having cozy and elegant spaces, perfect for parties, celebrations or staff training.


Ideal for large or massive events such as congresses and business fairs, having a large number of attendees, these events need large spaces with outdoor areas. If you want to know how to plan a large event, start with the location. Covered spaces with poor ventilation are not an option that you should consider, when thinking about how to plan an event you should always consider the place and its location once you have a set budget.

Set the guest list and event date

It is important that you are clear about the number of guests that you are going to have at the event, this is one of the most important points when starting with all the planning. Without guests there is no event, setting the guest list is one of the first steps during planning, with this you can make a good budget and know what your company can and cannot afford. Reserve the date with time so that you can plan everything without rush. Guests must have a date in advance so that they can set aside time to attend the event.

Make a detailed budget for everything

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that every event needs a budget. Most people make the mistake of not doing it in detail, each thing, no matter how small, can mean a high cost in the initial budget. Identify each moment of the event step by step, what you will need and how you will do it. Hire event planning companies that will provide you with inclusive packages and that take care of every detail to make everything easier and less expensive.  

Follow up and control the day before the event so that everything goes well

Make sure that everything is going well one day before the event, with the schedule in hand, review it point by point.

Visit the location where the event will take place to verify that all the set up of the place is ready.

Have a meeting with all the suppliers and ask them what is missing or if there is any problem to solve it as soon as possible. It is better to be sure that everything is going well so that you do not have to improvise on the day of the event.

Evaluate the result of the event to improve in the next

Every genius gives feedback on each activity or event that they carry out, after understanding how to plan an event, you have to evaluate what was good and what was bad, this is part of the process of growth and continuous improvement of a company.

If you evaluate the result, your next event will be much better than the previous one. Most of the people who started planning an event did it on their own, finding suppliers in different places.

The truth is that it is better to get the vendors for events in one place. You can do this by hiring an event planningcompany, these companies provide everything you need in a single proposal and with good prices.

Get an planning company to support you in the process

Knowing how to plan an event takes time and experience. A true genius knows that with an event planning company any important event will be a complete success.

Looking for and finding a good vendor is not easy, it is best to hire a company that has all the services for the event. Location, decoration, catering, sound, lighting and furniture in one place.

At Wink Eventos we know all the effort that goes into organizing and planning an event, that is why we take care of everything you need without you being stressed by every detail. We are the provider of zero stress events in Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena and Barranquilla.

Consigue una empresa organizadora que te apoye en el proceso

You already know how to plan an event like a genius, all you need is quality vendors to support you throughout the process. Do not forget all our advice because the success of your business event will depend on this.

Start planninh every moment of your event with us today. Surprise your guests with impecable logistics. Our corporate events with Wink prove it.

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