Decoration of plates for catering: The process behind your plate

el proceso detras de tu plato - Wink Eventos

We are growing and we are here to make you fall in love, we flood spaces with flavors, and we have learned the importance of being prepared for change, for this reason: we want to tell you what the experience inside our catering is like: 1 Food and Beverage Manager, 2 leaders of kitchen, 1 pastry leader and chefs who prepare your food to surprise your palate, because if you are vegan or vegetarian there is nothing to worry about.

Catering Medellin

A while, because everything is measured, because we want your guests to enjoy a hot catering, to feel the flavor of the grill even outside of it: 8 hours of cooking, 45 minutes of service, 4 people serving dishes and 1 waiter per every 15 people.

A catering that goes from Colombian to international flavors, and most importantly, a team that tries to please you in everything because if you want a special menu we prepare it for you, you taste it in a catering test in which you can choose up to 2 options of snacks, entrees, forts and our new pastry line in which cakes are here to stay.

Catering for weddings in Medellin

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