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The 6 types of business events you can plan.

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We tell you what are some types of business events that you can celebrate in your company, find out how to do them here.

Do not forget the importance of having the necessary help, a friendly company that understands what is required to carry out any type of event.

In event planning there are several points that must be taken into account, fundamental for the success of the event, we have a basic list of what you should consider before holding your event.

No matter what types of business events they are, you should always consider this:

  1. Event type
  2. Budget for the event
  3. Number of guests
  4. Choosing the right place or location
  5. Don’t forget the providers.
  6. Choose the souvenirs that you are going to give away at the event
  7. Extend the invitation to attendees in time.

End of year celebration for companies

The corporate end-of-year party is one of the events that takes the longest time to prepare in a company, although it may seem easy to plan this party, it is not so easy, it requires patience and follow-up on all the logistics.

The best thing you can do is hire event organizers to help you with all the preparations, no matter the types of business events, each party, meeting, social or corporate event needs it.

Product launch

Launching a new product is a very important event for any company, and to do so you need to hold an event to promote it, these types of business events are more advertising.

Here you must be much more aware of the entire organization, if or if you need someone to help you with all the logistics and suppliers, something like catering for business events is something that cannot be missing.

company anniversary

The celebration of the beginnings of your company is an inevitable event, take advantage of the company anniversary organization to celebrate it with your partners, suppliers, collaborators and clients.

Choose a country event room, there is nothing more beautiful and pleasant than the contrast with nature, there will also be more space for guests.

Aniversario de la empresa

Meetings with partners or managers

Meetings do not have to be boring, choosing a place other than the company to meet is not bad, you can organize business lunches where you have a pleasant space for your partners and managers.

Of course, in these types of business events, it is better that you do not give bad news at the event or use it to scold someone because something went wrong, the idea is to distract yourself a little from everyday life but with all the seriousness of the case.

Meetings or team building initiatives

Do you know what a team building is? They are integration events for companies almost always created by human resources personnel in order to create different dynamics for employees.

If you are thinking of holding these types of business events, make sure it is in a different place from the office, give your collaborators a different space.

Team building: construction of solid work teams, is the improvement of the work environment through recreation dynamics.

Take the opportunity to hire caterers for special events, remember that good food makes people happy.

Conferences and seminars

Business seminars or conferences are held in order to train all employees of the company, in order to acquire specific knowledge on a subject.

It is important to keep staff trained to increase performance in the results, some companies have auditoriums, but we recommend doing it in a different location from the office.

This helps generate motivation and employees pay more attention to the speakers, make sure you have a good catering for the event, people love good food.

Choose good companies in charge of organizing events

The best thing you can do is leave your event in the hands of a supplier or event company that has all the knowledge and contacts to develop an event to match.

You should not worry about food, sound and lighting, choose a company that frees you from all the stress that holding an event generates.

Companies that have the ability to have all the necessary suppliers for an event provide a more complete and reliable service, and that at Wink events is very clear to us.

5 pasos para organizar un evento empresarial de éxito

Did you realize that organizing some types of business events requires a lot of time and dedication? At Wink Events we take care of making each moment something special, find out about our services for business events.

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