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If you are going to hire a space for events, this must be done.

Si vas a contratar un espacio para eventos, ‭ esto debes hacer.

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There are many types of rooms for events, choosing the best one depends on many things, before hiring a space for events you must be sure that it is what you want with the event, once you know this it is time to ask the right questions.

One of the first steps to organize an event is to choose the location or place where it will take place, choosing wrongly could mean the failure of the event, it does not make sense to choose a location in another city, otherwise you are going to take care of the logistics of transport.

The location for business events must be adjusted to the needs of the event, for each type of event there is an ideal room, once you have the theme defined, that is when you can hire a space for events.

A successful event has everything to do with the organization, the space, the food, the sound and the schedule of the event, it does not only depend on what is going to be done inside the event, what surrounds it also matters, good logistics is primordial.

What is the location of the location?

One of the first questions you should ask when you are interested in hiring a space for events is where the location is, how long is the vehicle from the point of reference, if it is easily accessible or not.

Business events must have a strategic location with easy access for all the guests, it does not make sense that you hold an event 5 hours from the city and that the time of the event is early in the morning, you must be consistent with everything.

A tip for choosing locations for events is to hire an event organizing company that will show you various options for venues, request the ones closest to the city, choose the one you like the most, always remember to visit the venue before the event.

Locations in Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena with everything you need for your event. If you are looking to rent rooms for outdoor events, it is best to make sure that the weather is good for the date you chose.

How is the place laid out?

The distribution of any space is important, when you ask this question ask for photographs of the place, the location of the bathrooms, the stage and the common areas are important.

If you have many guests, it is best to make sure that the spaces are wide and distributed according to the needs of your event. If you need to adapt many chairs as an auditorium type, the central space must be large.

It makes no sense to choose a place with divisions or rooms that get in the way of attention to the stage if the main theme of the event is a workshop, congress or seminar, take a good look at this before hiring a space for events.

The logistics staff for events must have enough space to be able to do their work and identify the place well, as well as each of the tables or settings for the event, people will not always be seated, choose locations with outdoor space.

Space capacity?

You are not going to sacrifice capacity by saving a little when hiring a space for events, even if you think that the place is big and can receive all the people you plan to invite, it is better that you make sure with your provider.

If the capacity stipulated by the provider is 100 people, do not invite 150 because it will surely be a problem both in logistics and in comfort, also we do not believe that a place will accept more than the guests you said.

The capacity of a location must match the guest list you chose, that includes all the staff apart from the guests, it is best to choose locations with a capacity of more than 200 people if the event is large.

Capacidad del espacio para eventos

What services or providers does the location include?

Some places include services in the package when you are going to hire a space for events, the smartest thing you can do is find a place or location that offers you the furniture and decoration in the same place.

Catering, lighting and sound are better handled by the same event provider, imagine having different providers, coordination will be more difficult than with a single event provider. The best thing is that you hire companies that have all the services, from the locations to the catering and pastry service.

What is the space availability?

This is one of the most important questions. Setting a date that fits your schedule is what you should do before the event. When you go to hire a space for events, ask for the venue’s availability calendar.

Choose two tentative dates and after you have everything ready, inform your event provider what the chosen date is so that you can set aside the space in time, we recommend doing it 3 to 6 months in advance.

Knowing the availability allows you to have the necessary time for the organization and planning of the event, remember that the invitations must be sent a few months before so that the guests save the date and ensure their attendance.

The place for the event is important, the services it includes are also important.

Hiring a space for events is the first step that you should do during the planning process of any event, it is important that you pay attention to the space, location and distribution, but also to the services that the place has.

The services in an event are just as important as the place, for an event to be successful everything must go perfectly, each event must have a catering service, adequate furniture and the ideal platforms or assemblies.

How can you get all this in one place? Some event companies have certain services, but you will always have to look for another provider to complement what you lack for the event.

Don’t worry, at Wink Eventos we have all the necessary suppliers so that your event has everything it needs, the venue, the food, event furniture, logistics personnel and more, with Wink you have it all.

Servicio de locaciones para contratar un espacio para eventos

So far you already know what to do before hiring a space for business events, remember that not only the locations matter, with Wink Events you will find everything you need without having to stress looking for suppliers here and there.

Visit our website and find out everything we have to offer you, we are the provider of zero stress events in Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena and Barranquilla.

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