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Are you planning your quinceanera party? 7 things that cannot be missing.

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Fifteen years is that exact moment when girls begin the transition to adolescence, in the popular imagination, it is thought that it is the moment to leave childhood to begin in the stage of women.

Many Colombian families decide to celebrate it, the protocol is the same for all the celebrations, some with different themes, but even if there is a protocol, there is a list of things that cannot be missing at the quinceanera.

First of all, you must plan the fifteen-year party, what you have to take into account is the budget, the theme, the date and the event and reception room.

When you have all this, you can start with the materialization of this very special event, you must have the room defined or at least have several options to know the capacity you need, furniture and above all the location.

location for the party

Before you start with anything, you must have defined the location where the celebration will take place, with this you define the decoration of events that you want to have in the place, the capacity, the location and everything else.

In order to send the invitations you must have the place for the party separated, there are dream locations, some more expensive than others, we recommend you see several options so that you can choose better according to your budget.

Theme or decoration of the room

The type of decoration depends on the theme you choose for the fifteen-year party. To know how to decorate an event room to celebrate fifteen years, you need to choose a theme.

There are several themes or party concepts that are handled for these celebrations, you can choose vintage themes for 15 years taking the best of period decoration, or the most popular, enchanted forest, black and white or carnival type.

The important thing is that the theme is chosen by the quinceañera and that you support her, remember that the party is for her, so when they have the theme chosen they must inform the event organizing company for all the logistics.

dress for the quinceanera

The quinceañera dress is perhaps one of the most important things on this list, and of course not, it is not part of the party protocol precisely because it cannot be ignored, the choice of the dress is entirely up to the quinceañera.

The dress must be chosen according to the theme that the party is going to have, the color of the dress must be in accordance with the colors of the decoration of the place, it is important that they choose it in time to separate the dress and that nobody else does.

foto de 15 en exteriores

toast to celebrate

The ideal moment for the toast for quinceañeras is after they enter the room, this is when all the guests are standing, there the waiters must go through each table serving the champagne in order to toast.

This is when your parents and closest relatives say a few words for the quinceañera and thank all the guests for coming to the quinceanera celebration.

The catering and confectionery

The catering service is one of the important points in the event protocol of any party, there are several services, buffet-style banquets or table service, for a fifteen-year-old party this is a fundamental moment.

Choosing good catering and confectionery can be decisive in the success of the party, nothing is more discouraging than food that tastes horrible, it is important that the logistics for dinner are impeccable, there can be no mistakes.

There are companies that offer you all the services you need for the party, dinner catering should be one of them so choose it well, this is where a large part of the budget is invested, always keep in mind the number of guests.

The waltz, a moment you cannot forget

The waltz for a fifteen-year-old party is indeed a protocol moment that must be taken into account and must be planned ahead of time, some family and friends are involved here, you must coordinate all the logistics beforehand.

Remember that you have to rehearse the waltz several times to avoid any mistake when doing it at the quinceañera party, once the quinceañera leaves, makes her entrance, the toast is made, then dinner and that’s it, it’s time for the waltz.

Event organizers, the best option for your party.

To have a dream quinceañera party, it is essential that you have the support of an event organizing company, companies have the necessary suppliers to achieve a successful party.

Nothing is more stressful than throwing a party from scratch alone, hiring suppliers in different places can give you a headache, the best thing to do is get them in one place.

This way there will be better logistics in the event and greater coordination in details as basic but important as decoration, furniture, catering, lighting and sound.

At Wink Eventos we know the importance of fifteen years in the life of any woman, which is why we have all the necessary services for the celebration, from locations to stages for events with the best lighting and sound.

organizadores de eventos, la mejor opción para tu fiesta

You already know, with this list you are going to have the best quinceañera party, remember that this will not be possible if you do not have the necessary help, with Wink Events you have everything you need for the celebration.

From the invitations for the quinceañera, through the catering, sound and decoration to the place of the celebration, know everything we have for you and start planning the dream party, with Wink you are going to the landline, know the website.

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