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Types of business events that you can hold for your company

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To start talking about the types of business events or types of corporate events, we must bear in mind that there are many types depending on the needs and objectives of the company. Each event is carried out taking those needs into account and it is vitally important to have a group of people who can help you carry it out.

If what you are looking for is advice on the types of events you can hold, you can visit our article on tips for holding a business event, it can help you a lot if you are looking for ideas.

What is a business event

A business event is a meeting that aims to bring together people from a company: a meeting of allies, similar brands in the same place, an event to publicize a new product, celebrate a launch or simply celebrate the end of the year with your employees. .

The business event really depends on the internal nature of the company and its target audience. There are companies that celebrate an event for the performance of their employees, for their birth, for five-year periods or for whatever reason, so the important thing is to increase the sense of belonging to the company, both from external and internal guests.

What are the different types of business events?

If you have in mind holding an event and are looking for tips for business events, you may already have identified the type of event you want to hold, but to give you an idea, these are the types of events you can hold for your company, whether they are formal events and informal:

Business dinners or banquets

Business dinners or business banquets are one of the most common types of events. Companies use them to celebrate Christmas, an important achievement or simply recognize the importance of their employees. These dinners can be a small gathering at an event center with delicious custom catering.

General meetings of the year

General meetings are a rare event for small companies, but large companies hold an annual meeting where investors are told how the company is doing, projections and profitability. They are high-profile business events so everything has to go perfectly.

Sales or trade conventions

Sales conventions are the most common business event in companies, they are talks, conventions and work sessions where the commercial agents of the companies learn everything about their company, new commercial techniques for the company and sales results.

Large conferences

Congresses are events with a large number of people who come together to generate a debate on a topic. It can be an educational topic, a series of conferences or they can meet to decide something. It is one of the easiest business or corporate events to organize, which is why companies often venture to carry it out.


Symposia are meetings organized for experts to share their point of view on a particular topic. This group of experts is usually hired to update a company’s employees on specific topics or make recommendations for decisions about actions in the company.


A colloquium is a “networking” event or an academic event in which several people participate around a topic. The colloquia are a little-known business event in Colombia, however, it takes too much logistics and preparation according to its characteristics, since everyone has to have access to Wi-Fi and technological equipment.

Exhibitions and fairs

They are external events that are generally held outdoors and bring together people interested in particular topics. Companies often participate in fairs through stands or booths to offer their products or services.

brand launches

Brand or product launches are company events that are held to showcase their products. They are generally accompanied by press conferences, journalists, bloggers and more.

It is very important that companies hold an amazing event in order to have its maximum dissemination and to be able to meet the objectives of the event. We have participated in some brand launches and we are happy to participate in their growth.

business parties

Corporate parties are festive events that are generally held at the end of the year to celebrate some eventuality. The organization of events for parties has many details, we recommend you think about the music, the photographers, the food, the moments in which it takes place, the locations and your work team or team building.

These are the most common types of business events.

Remember the importance of choosing the location for your event in advance.

As you can see the types of business events depend on many variables and are often known by the type of actions that are performed on them. It is often decided to hold a business event because companies have the need to gather a number of people around a topic.

If your need for any of the types of events answers the questions you have for organizing your event, you can contact us to help you.

We will wait for you here.

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