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4 rooms for outdoor events in Colombia that you will want to choose

The halls for outdoor events bring together the best of nature, organize your wedding or event in these calm and relaxed environments, discover them here.
4 salones para eventos al aire libre

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The rooms for outdoor events bring together the best of nature, organize your wedding or event in these calm and relaxed environments.

Nothing more special and unique than connecting with nature. Outdoor weddings are often more romantic and special than those held indoors.

The architecture of some closed locations are quite striking and elegant, we do not want you to think that one is better than the other, the truth is that outdoor event rooms have a magical touch, learn about some of them and all their benefits.

Benefits of choosing rooms for outdoor events

There are many reasons to celebrate your wedding in outdoor event rooms, one of the most notable characteristics of an outdoor room is the spaciousness and open spaces to take advantage of.

Not all locations are completely outdoors, most rooms have closed spaces for the main room, which makes them much more versatile spaces.

You do not have to spend a lot on decoration, you already have a part earned with the green areas, trees and flowers. All you have to do is highlight the most beautiful corners with warm lights and a couple of flower arrangements on your wedding day.

Your guests will feel more comfortable and they will be able to take photos in different areas without having many people around. The connection with nature fosters a more relaxed and romantic atmosphere, perfect for celebrating a wedding.

What rooms for outdoor events are there in Colombia?

The outdoor function rooms have a more relaxed atmosphere. You can choose a dress code for your wedding that is less demanding and more appropriate to the place. Before choosing the location, make sure to choose a date with good weather. We don’t want it to rain that day, right?

Surely there are many in Colombia, if we stay here mentioning all the best ones, you will get bored reading this article, and we don’t want that. We chose a top that we most recommend to celebrate your wedding, these are:

San Rafael farm in Bogota.

It came from the most suitable outdoor event rooms to recreate a country theme for events and weddings. This location has large green areas, perfect for large weddings with many guests.

In colonial times the lands were measured by steps. The San Rafael Hacienda at that time was included in an area of 6,000 by 6,000 steps.

A hacienda full of stories to tell, with a colonial architectural style, is the perfect complement to recreate a country decoration for weddings with rustic details characteristic of colonial architecture.

If you want to have a vintage wedding in a salon, this magical place is the best place to celebrate it. The vintage style is characterized by having old elements with years of history, these elements fit perfectly in outdoor heritage places.

This location has a beautiful chapel, perfect for having your wedding ceremony in the same place as the celebration, this is undoubtedly an emblematic place to have an unforgettable wedding.

Living room with a combination of Palau spaces in Medellín.

Palau is one of the rooms for outdoor events that has everything to be a modern location, with warm and dark shades for urban or industrial themes, ideal for lovers of nightlife in the city.

This is a location that honors the industrial style of the 50s, with walls made of glass and a black metal structure to give a feeling of spaciousness to those who are inside the structure.

If you are looking for rooms for modern outdoor events but with rustic environments like those provided by nature, this is the best choice, the best thing is that this location has the furniture included. Do not wait any longer and visit Palau, fall in love with this impressive location like we did.

salones para eventos al aire libre

Diluca House in Cartagena

With all the Caribbean flavor, Casa Diluca, more than being one of the rooms for outdoor events, is a boutique hotel that provides different services for its visitors. Of course weddings are one of the favorite events in this incredible place.

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the favorite place to celebrate them is Cartagena, getting married on the beach is one of the dreams of many couples. Although this location is in Cartagena, its theme and decoration are inspired by Italy.

A place with which you can live different experiences next to your guests. If you are thinking of having a boho chic wedding, this is a perfect location to do it, the best combination of cosmopolitan style with details from Colombian artisans.

Hacienda Veracruz in Villa de Leyva Boyacá

Although it has the same country style as other haciendas, this is one of the rooms for outdoor events that you can stay in, ideal for planning a destination wedding with hosting for a few guests included.

Its colonial architecture allows you to have a room decoration for weddings of any type or theme, especially if you are thinking of having a country or vintage concept. Here you can find a bohemian atmosphere imbued with romanticism, what every wedding needs!

Hacienda Veracruz is one of the most suitable for large weddings in Villa de Leyva, it has a capacity for 200 guests and 100 cars.

This farm is like a blank canvas where new memories are created, it is peace, it is light and it is life. Here you will find everything in one place. It is a large space that has 6 independent houses, a chapel and an events room in a panoramic setting.

The halls for outdoor events are important, the services and logistics are also important.

Do you know what is the best of all these rooms for outdoor events? That you can find them all in one place. At Wink Eventos we specialize in making each wedding an unforgettable experience.

There is something certain and it is that it is not enough to find your dream location, it is about having a balance. To carry out your wedding you need impeccable logistics so that everything goes as planned.

No matter how much logistics you have at your wedding, if you do not have good suppliers for each of the services, it may not turn out so well. The most important services at a wedding are the catering service, decoration, furniture, sound and lighting without this, your wedding would not be a wedding.

So the best thing to do is to find a place that has all the services, firstly for ease for you and your wedding planner when planning the wedding and because the coordination and communication of each of the providers in terms of logistics will be much better. .

You no longer have to look for more, in Wink each one of our locations has different essential services for the realization of a wedding. Wink Events your trusted wedding provider.

salones para eventos al aire libre

Did you like any of our rooms for outdoor events? Surely yes. If you want an unforgettable wedding in a magical place here at Wink Events you can find it. Choose your favorite location and tell us everything you want for your wedding.

At Wink we design and plan your wedding hand in hand with the bride and groom. enjoy an unforgettable experience for you and all your guests with the best services. Plan your wedding with us and take the stress out of preparations, only here at Wink.

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