Catering for fifteen years

Expert chefs in catering for quinces who design your dishes according to the concept of your party.

We are specialists in catering for quinceañeras

We offer all types of catering for your party

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Main dishes

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Cake shop

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We prepare banquets for 15 unforgettable years

Our chefs and their dishes speak for us

Our banquets are prepared by professional chefs in catering for quinces; its color, flavor and presentation adapt to your favorite theme.
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Our service speaks of 3 values:

Innovation, quality and agility

By combining these three elements, we can offer our guests an experience that they would hardly find, since we offer a proposal of quality in ingredients and service, which make the flavor unmatched, with appropriate textures, flavors and temperatures. The experience is complemented by a team of waiters duly trained and at the level of first-class events, with a speed of service that makes each person feel well cared for.

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Dishes for 15 years
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We are experts in menus for quinces. We design the dishes according to the theme of your party and our expert chefs are at the forefront of gastronomic trends to provide you with the service you have always dreamed of.

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