Quinceanera parties

An unforgettable and magical date that is remembered forever has to be perfect.

Here we have everything for you.

We have everything you need for your fifteenth party

From the quince invitations, through the catering, sound and decoration to the place of the celebration.

3. catering y reposteria - Wink Eventos

Catering and pastry

1. decoracion para 15 - Wink Eventos

Decoration for fifteen

2. quinces tematicos - Wink Eventos

Theme quinceaneras

5.fotografia y video para quinces - Wink Eventos

Photography and video of quinces

4. sonido e iluminacion - Wink Eventos

sound and lighting

We plan
quinceanera parties

We want to offer you a personalized and tailored plan that frees you from all stress.

We offer you to take our services (one, several or all) and take care of consolidating your fifteenth party, suppliers and logistics through comprehensive support.

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What is the fifteenth party you always dreamed of?

6.Tematica aladin - Wink Eventos

Thematic fifteen

Protocolos para fiestas de 15 años


6.tematica caballos - Wink Eventos

pre fifteen

6.tematica pampas grass - Wink Eventos


quinceanera cantando - Wink Eventos


We organize memorable experiences

Meet our
Zero Stress Quince Plans

At Wink we recognize the most important moments in our clients’ lives. We specialize in tailor-made wedding plans, we leave nothing out and design your wedding just as you dreamed of it.

Everything you need for a zero stress quinceanera!

We leave nothing to chance on your big day

We want your celebration to be unforgettable! For that we offer you personalized plans for Quinceañera parties, comprehensive and tailored to free you from all the stress.

7.ideas e inspiracion - Wink Eventos

ideas and inspiration

• We help you plan the theme, decoration and cake
• We show you photos, dresses, makeup and DJs
• We give you the best tips for planning your party.

7.espacios y locaciones - Wink Eventos

spaces and locations

• We help you find the perfect place for your celebration.
• We decorate the place you choose with your favorite theme.
• We take you to our locations so you can see the space you dreamed of

TL11455 - Wink Eventos

Before the party

• We rehearse your quinceañera dance or choreography and your toast.
• We test cocktails, catering, makeup and more
• We help you with your guest list and table locations.

7.en la fiesta - Wink Eventos

At the party

• We plan the welcome to your guests
• Photos, videos, dances and pastries without worrying about the details.
• We make the toast, opening of the dance floor and protocol acts.
• We are there for you.

Do you want to see photos and videos of fifteens made by Wink?

Your party will also be memorable

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