First communion celebrations in Medellin

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The first Communion that your children have always dreamed of

All included.

An incredible place, the decoration of your dreams, delicious food, a photo studio outside the city with the photos of your first communion and video with a drone to immortalize the memory and at the end, personalized activities for children and adults. , a party to dance all night.

Do you want to see photos and videos of first communions?

Everything you need for your first communion

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House Cartagena
the perfect place
for your first communion in Medellin

Raise your hands those who…

Over there we are seeing several hands…

If we told you that there is a location a few kilometers from Medellin where there is a colonial house, which evokes the architecture of Cartagena, with walls that are still made of mud, surrounded by Curaçaos. And if we told you that, in addition, it is very rural, surrounded by trees, a green lawn and a deck with pine trees as a backdrop.

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Catering and pastry

We make the best dishes without you worrying about anything.

Decoration and furniture

We decorate, transport and make everything perfect.

Photography and video

We immortalize the best moments so that you remember them forever.

sound and lighting

Games of lights and sounds specially designed for your party.