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These are the 5 types of wedding anniversaries that are celebrated today

There are many types of wedding anniversary for each year, 5 of them are considered the most important to celebrate in the life of the couple.
Estos son los 5 tipos de aniversario de bodas que se celebran en la actualidad

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Celebrating the wedding anniversary is one of the greatest manifestations of love after the wedding, commemorating the years together as a couple will always be an excuse to celebrate it in style.

Each anniversary has a different meaning, here we tell you which ones are celebrated and why.

The meaning of the wedding years is different from one another, it is the celebration of another year of union as a couple, a new cycle in the relationship that strengthens love and union from marriage.

The first wedding anniversary is special, they are paper weddings, it represents a blank sheet to write the story together and the years that remain to come, although the paper symbolizes fragility, it actually transmits the new experiences to live.

There are many types of wedding anniversary with a special name each year until reaching number 100, the truth is that there are 5 special weddings that are celebrated once a certain number of years have passed as a couple, one each time more special than the other.

bronze wedding

The bronze wedding anniversary is one of the first types of wedding anniversary that comes when couples celebrate 8 years of marriage, it symbolizes the strength that the couple has had during these first years. Bronze is a strong metal.

Bronze is the union of resistant metals, which is why it is called bronze weddings, the first years are the most difficult of the relationship, the couple knows each other in coexistence, when this stage is overcome, the relationship is much more consolidated.

Silver weddings

The 25th silver wedding anniversary comes when the couple has spent a quarter of a century together, we know that silver is a highly valuable semi-precious metal, this translates to the meaning of spending so many years with your partner.
They symbolize the courage and resistance that the couple has had during all these years, this is one of the types of wedding anniversaries that should be celebrated in style, not all couples reach 25 years of marriage.

There are places to celebrate events such as wedding anniversaries that are beautiful, share with loved ones and relatives of the couple this achievement marks the celebration of love and union, you should not miss this date, celebrating it is the ideal.

golden wedding

Reaching 50 years of marriage is a privilege that few couples can give themselves, true love without a doubt. Knowing the couple is accepting the beautiful and not so beautiful of the other, this definitely influences the duration of the relationship.

Without a doubt, it is a moment that should be celebrated, there are many wedding anniversary ideas that you can do for this day, renewing your vows is the most beautiful, choose to celebrate it in elegant locations, with a catering service to share with your family and friends.

Today’s relationships do not last that long, they are volatile, now there are fewer couples who decide to get married, almost always for fear of commitment, which is why these types of golden wedding anniversary are so important for the couple, celebrating it not it is an option.

If you don’t know how to plan events such as a wedding anniversary, with an events and wedding planner you can achieve it, such a special party must be done with great care and dedication, you won’t want to go through all that stress.

Tipos de aniversario bodas de oro

diamond wedding

Diamond weddings or 60-year weddings are celebrated when a couple has spent their entire lives together, usually a couple who manages to reach 60 years of marriage already have grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, this really is a treasure that very few couples achieve.

Diamond weddings mean firmness and that the relationship successfully reached old age, which one day was promised at the altar, the victory of love after living a lifetime together.

These types of wedding anniversaries should be celebrated by family members, we agree that a couple that has been together for 60 years is because they are on average between 80 and 90 years old, so they will need all the necessary help to celebrate it.

platinum weddings

They are the types of wedding anniversary that is celebrated 5 years after the diamond wedding, it is when the couple celebrates 65 years of marriage, this is no longer an achievement, this is the true meaning of love.

It is possible that this is one of the least known anniversaries, which is why couples who reach this point in a relationship are few, but it has a very beautiful meaning, which is nothing more than sacrifice, commitment, loyalty and respect.

This should undoubtedly be celebrated, perhaps it will be one of the last anniversaries that can be celebrated in style and that the couple can fully enjoy it, so if you are reading this and you are a son, grandson or nephew, celebrate your love as an unforgettable tribute.

Celebrate love in style with a party to remember.

There are many types of wedding anniversary to celebrate, paying homage to love will always be a beautiful act, hiring an event planning company to take care of everything that has to do with the celebration is the most viable option.

At Wink Eventos we know all the needs that an event has, we are the zero stress provider with offices in Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena, take advantage of all the services we have and make this day the most special of all, of course, after the one of your wedding.

Take advantage of all the services we have and make this day the most special of all, of course, after your wedding.

Celebra el amor por todo lo alto con una fiesta para recordar.

You already know the 5 types of wedding anniversary that a married couple celebrates, if you want to commemorate this union, the best thing to do is an intimate party with family and friends.

Celebrating love will always be the best excuse, at Wink Events we know how important it is to celebrate an anniversary, effort and courage must be celebrated, plan your anniversary with us and enjoy everything we have for you.

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