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5 marriage proposal ideas to get them to say yes.

Las mejores ideas de propuesta de matrimonio, consigue el sí que tanto buscas

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Marriage proposals will never go out of style, it is something that is done by tradition. One of the most romantic ways to show your love for your partner is the first step before the wedding.

Get to know some ideas that you can do for the marriage proposal, the ideal is to be creative, the marriage proposal is an unforgettable experience that will always be remembered, discover them here.

A marriage proposal is the manifestation of love and commitment to the couple, it is the first step that is taken on the road to reach the altar, it is the way to make the intention public both to the family of the couple and to friends and acquaintances .

Some choose to celebrate it in rooms for small events, a special reception to ask for the bride’s hand. over time the proposals are less and less traditional, on the beach, in the forest, in the sea, with food and much more are the proposals most chosen by some, find out what we have for you.

Remember that you must find the perfect ring before the proposal, not only wedding rings for women are important, the engagement ring marks the beginning of life as a couple as future spouses.

The beach, the perfect place to ask for a hand

Proposing on the beach is one of the most romantic proposals without a doubt, a dinner on the beach with the sound of the waves can assure you that you are expecting, what you can do is reserve a weekend with the excuse of a trip in couple.

In Cartagena there are ideal locations to make a marriage proposal. The walled city is one of the most romantic destinations for couples where many weddings are celebrated, book a hotel and start with the preparations in the ideal location.

Asking for marriage on the beach is not difficult, you just need a lot of organization so that everything goes well, the first thing you should do is reserve the place where you want to make the proposal, ask for information about services and providers.

You can take a family trip so that all loved ones accompany them at this time. Get dream locations with very good capacity for any type of event, they are the best choice for your commitment.

If you do not want a room then you can choose a romantic dinner on the beach or a beach party with the guests, this is one of the romantic marriage proposals that you can do, a dinner, roses and the ring as the protagonist of the meeting.

A country proposal, in the best vintage style

If you want something different and close to the city, a creative marriage proposal is the best, a country theme with vintage nuances to celebrate the event, look for rooms outside the city that have outdoor spaces to set up the decoration.

Look for wedding and event planners to help you with the marriage proposal. Organizing any event requires time. If you want help and advice so that everything goes perfectly, it is the best thing you can do.

The vintage style has nuances of the old times and can be combined very well with a country-type decoration, get out-of-date furniture, bikes, warm lights and organize everything outside, make sure that it does not rain that day.

Choose a roast type catering to share with your whole family

An event is not the same without food, the perfect excuse to make a marriage proposal without raising suspicions, best of all, they will be with their loved ones to celebrate it.

Plan the barbecue in a country location to give a rustic touch to the celebration, look for a reason to be able to ask for a hand so that your girlfriend does not notice.

Choose one or two engagement rings for couples, usually only the bride’s is used, because it is you who is making the proposal, for this you can ask that the ring be hidden in some dessert, white wine or you can also have it yourself when asking for the bride’s hand

Ideally, the proposal is so surprising that it cannot be forgotten, it does not matter if it is a simple or very elaborate proposal, the important thing is that you publicly express your desire to share the rest of your life with your girlfriend or boyfriend, yes, do everything possible because it is in a special place.

Dog friend, the best accomplice to ask for the hand

One of the most beautiful ways to make a marriage proposal is to involve a 4-legged friend, dogs are the best hosts when proposing.

What you should do is get a flower necklace for the dog or dog and place the ring tied with a cloth ribbon, when it’s time, call him so he can come and say hello, try to get the bride to be the closest for you to see the ring

Once you know that she saw it, it is time to kneel down and ask for that yes that you have wanted so much, this request for a hand applies to all couples, heterosexual or gay, love definitely has no gender. Be sure to choose the location well before the proposal.

Amigo perruno, el mejor cómplice para pedir la mano

Treasure hunt or follow the clues

Something fun and creative is to take a tour where you hide several clues, the idea is that one leads to the other, until you find the treasure. Place at the end of the clues a phrase that says “will you marry me?” accompanied by a text that declares your love.

You must be there with the ring at the time, for the clues to work. It is important that you know your partner very well, their tastes, favorite places and songs, with this you are going to make the tracks work.

Making a marriage proposal requires a lot of creativity, so take photos, phrases, favorite places to make the path of the tracks, find a location to organize everything and make it to that point.

Before that, make sure that there are wishes or invitations, for example, on the day of the proposal, invite her to a Spa day, make up and give her a beautiful dress, so that she feels beautiful and comfortable that day.

Proposal for a hand diving, for the most adventurous

Undoubtedly one of the most creative, plan a vacation as a couple, go to the beach, choose a destination where you can dive, the important thing is that you both like it and don’t have a phobia of this activity.

Keep the ring very well, look for a waterproof card and write “marry me” and show them the ring while they are diving, we know that they cannot speak underwater but actions sometimes say more than a thousand words. Organize a romantic dinner to celebrate the marriage proposal on the beach.

With help everything is better, event organizers for the proposal

How to organize a marriage proposal? If you do it, you will only have a lot of work to do, a marriage proposal needs time and effort to turn out just as you dreamed, it is best that you hire an event organizing company to support you in everything you need.

At Wink Eventos we materialize the wishes of each couple, we understand how special a proposal is for a couple who wants to get married, it is an unforgettable day, so it must be done in the most special way.

We have perfect locations to celebrate it, accompanied by a good catering service to enjoy a romantic evening. Invite those closest to you and enjoy the moment with your partner, making it special will help you get that yes you want.

Con ayuda todo es mejor, organizadores de eventos para la pedida de mano

You already have some marriage proposal ideas that will be very helpful to ask for your partner’s hand, enjoy the process, no event is easy, that’s why you need help, at Wink Events we make sure that everything goes as planned. you want.

Visit our website and find out all the locations and services we have to celebrate events, everything you need is in Wink, take the first step by getting yes, and plan your dream wedding with us.

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